The Totals Show Life Through Division in Their Second LP, 'Divided'

The Totals is a project headed up by British-born musician Mohsin Siddiqui. Music was a big part of Mohsin’s childhood, starting in his family’s home. He learned to love singing and dancing to his father's old record collection. His uncle introduced him to Oasis in 1995 and from that moment on he wanted to follow in a Rock 'n' Roll star.

Now residing in Portland, Oregon, it was there where he met some extremely talented friends and fellow musicians who helped him produce work for what is now The Totals.

Fresh off the release of The Totals' second LP 'Divided,' the twelve-track album embodies heavy-hitting energy that simmers in the realm of fully vibrant sound waves. Kicking off the album with the first single “Shaking,” we hone in on the classic rock traits that the driving guitar riffs embody as they fill the speakers in a sustaining charisma. With drum patterns so tight, the tempo has us navigating through hues of colossal animation as the smoldering timbres of Mohsin Siddiqui infiltrate the instrumentation in a manner that is fresh with raspy intensity.

Residing in a bluesy atmospheric feel, the authenticity that gets served up in “One More Thing,” delivers a high octane offering of upbeat hues. Flowing with a melodic chant and surprising musical arrangement featuring plenty of sonic goodness over an intricate dance-like beat and groove, this track propels with its appeal to various genres that come together and cover mass ground.

As we transition into the third song featured on the mid-tempo “Song on a Sunny Day,” we’re greeted with a more minimalistic introduction that takes us into a soothing blanket of luscious electricity. Even during their moments of more melancholic geared creations, the overall structure of The Totals isn’t compromised. Flaunting their moderate versatility through harmonized rhythm, and gently strummed guitar chords, the potency of this song offers a multi-dimensional look into the band’s aura.

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