The Uncle Earl Teams Up With Gino Love To Release House Anthem “Beat That Part 2” (Trackin’ You)

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Lacy Phillips, better known as The Uncle Earl, is a multi-award-winning performance artist and songwriter. Bringing a soulful resonance to each one of his tracks, The Uncle Earl is well-known for strong electronic and dance music stylings. Teaming up with Gino Love, The Uncle Earl has put his songwriting abilities to the test over top of a soulful house groove. 

“Beat That Part 2” (Trackin’ You) is a premier collaboration between Gino Love and The Uncle Earl.

The Uncle Earl delivers powerful soul-inspired vocals and original lyrics on top of Gino Love’s memorable music. A groovy house track, “Beat That Part 2” (Trackin’ You) features analog drums, piano chops, and deep filtered bass.

The Uncle Earl comes in strong on top of all of these powerful elements with his smooth emotive vocals and impressive range. Not only does The Uncle Earl provide the leading vocals but he additionally sings backup vocals and spoken word. I highly recommend that you check out “Beat That Part 2” (Trackin’ You) as it’s a true highlight for peak time on the dance floor and will be caught in your head until you have the pleasure of experiencing it once more. A true pleasure to review. 

Listen to “Beat That Part 2” (Trackin’ You) here and read more with The Uncle Earl below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic The Uncle Earl! We’re so impressed and inspired by your extensive list of achievements! What are you most proud of thus far in your music career?

First of all, thank you so much for this feature in your forum and ecstatic that my list of achievements impressed and inspired your team! What I am most proud of in my music career is the fact that my music is being very well received and I have fans from all around the world who love my music. I am happy to receive messages weekly from new listeners and fans encouraging me to keep going and wondering why I am not a huge Star. My mission is not to be a Star but to uplift, inspire and entertain through storytelling with a beat!

We’re completely captured by your new song “Beat That Part 2” (Trackin’ You)! Was this your first time working with Gino Love? Your styles compliment each other remarkably well!

 I say "YAY" to the fact that you were captured by my new song "Beat That Part 2" (Trackin' You). This was my first time collaborating on a track with Gino Love but not our first time working together. Prior to this new song, he released another collaboration between myself and a DJ/Producer Deep FX called "Don't Be Afraid" which is another club banger. But Yes, our styles are truly complimentary and I anticipate many collaborations in the near future because we are both native New Yorkers and we truly understand "The Groove Factor" hahaha. When I received his track, I went into my usual mode of deep meditation. Which means I grab my headphones, lay back, close my eyes, turn up the volume in order to hear and feel the most minute tones, instruments, and vibrations. Once in my meditational state, I allow the instruments to communicate with me and listen to what they are saying to my subliminal mind. Some people may think "He Is Full Of Crap" but it's true! I have won a couple of awards for this new song (XMA Best House Track August 2019 in Chicago & Akademia Best Dance/Electronica Song August 2019 in Los Angeles) because I allow my songs to write themselves. I start with an open mind, just as an artist begins with a clean canvas. 

We feel like you put a lot of thought and integrity into the lyrics in “Beat That Part 2” (Trackin’ You)! Can you tell us the meaning behind your words?

Thanks for noticing that I put a lot of thought and integrity into the lyrics of this track but it was not very difficult. After my brief meditation and listening session, words began to dance around in my brain about surveillance. This has become a huge topic around the world these days, especially between lovers and in politics. To be specific and not too deep, I decided to set up the scenario of insecure people who are deeply in love, almost to the point of self-destruction because there is not much trust. The twist is that both partners are tracking each other. Through my own experiences, I have found that usually, the person who is accusing another person of dirty dealings is usually guilty of the same type of crimes. So basically the lyrics are based on a vicious cycle of deceit, trickery, and lies which never turn out great. The message is then layered by soulful vocals and a pumping thumping deep house beat.

We know that you're a lover of integrating a variety of elements into your music. Would you ever incorporate contrasting genres into your music, or do you think it would ruin the type of sound you're attempting to reach?

I definitely love the integration of a variety of elements into my music. I often incorporate contrasting genres into my music because we as a people are a melting pot of individuals who cohabitate this Earth. If you take a listen to my catalog, no two songs sound the same. I am inspired by multiple vibrations combined with highly relatable, enlightening, uplifting and inspirational messages. I believe that as an Artist it is my duty to think outside the box and to be as musically inclusive as possible on an international basis.

What's the next move for you artistically? Are you playing any shows in the near future to promote “Beat That Part 2” (Trackin’ You)?

My next move artistically is to produce, write for and nurture other up and coming new artists. It is very important for me to give back to a world and industry that has blessed me with so much. I can't take anything that I acquire with me when I leave this life. I plan on sharing the Love and spending my artistic change wisely hahaha. I am actually in the final stages of editing the new music video for "Beat That Part 2" (Trackin' You) which is very exciting. It will be released very shortly.....stay tuned! As far as performances in the near future, I am preparing for a performance at the XMA Awards in Chicago this December to promote the song and I am a nominee for another award which is super exciting.....wish me luck!