The Vidos Are Back And Better Than Ever In “Boomshackalacka”

Vancouver's very own pop-rock band with a dash of witty banter, The Vidos, flood the scene with their highly-anticipated banger of a single, "Boomshackalacka," from their equally as anticipated upcoming debut album, Right In The Kisser.

What started as three kids playing Rush covers at school dances flourished into a tightly-knit trio with an affinity for fuzzy pop hooks, creative drumming, and stacked harmonies. Comprised of Brett Hornall, Kirk Musfelt, and Nolan Nielson, The Vidos have seen their tracks crack the Top 40 on Canadian Active Rock charts while amassing considerable attention with their kickass live shows.

The boys are back and ready to rumble with their first single since 2020, entitled "Boomshackalacka." Quickly becoming one of Canada's most promising and unpredictable acts, The Vidos are keeping us at the edge of our seats with thrilling bops like this, ramping up the momentum for Right In The Kisser, an album that's been in the making for God knows how long.

Produced by Danny Craig, co-founder of Rock Is Dead Records, "Boomshackalacka" kicks off with Nielson's slow-burn mid-tempo snare drum alongside the smoothest r&b-drenched keys that lead into Hornall's fluid and juicy vocals, blessing the ears with all sorts of sweet and sensual retro vibes. Musfelt's shimmering electric guitar softly pierces through the speakers until we're absolutely trampled by the fiery hook, hitting us over the head with a contagious energy that's bound to liven your evening.

The Vidos put on one hell of a show, and we're aching to see the boys get down to this banger live. They're quickly proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with through scorching hot pop-rock anthems like "Boomshackalacka," a chilling and dynamic new tune that'll sit in your head like an earworm for hours on end.

It doesn't get much better than the vibes, groove, and energy of The Vidos' anticipated new single, "Boomshackalacka." When you're ready for a dose of witty pop-rock, give your favorite oddballs some love and find the new track on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Vidos. Congratulations on releasing your highly-anticipated, lively new single, "Boomshackalacka." Did anything or anyone inspires your group to create this exciting scorcher of a single?

Thanks for having us, BuzzMusic! You have a lovely place here. Yeah, I mean, the move to Toronto was hugely inspiring; as you know, we ended up living in our tour bus for the better part of seven months (too long), and that drove us mad in a way we’ve never experienced before, but we did get some pretty good tunes out of it I think. We were also listening to a ton of new music and soaking in all the talent that the Toronto open mic scene had to offer — it’s bananas how good these people are. This song was honestly us just trying to keep up.

What was your band's favorite part about creating such a dynamic and animated track like "Boomshackalacka"? What was that experience like? Where was the song recorded?

It just felt good to do something different that surprised us. I think realizing we were capable of writing a song that wasn’t just a bunch of riffs glued together was our favorite part… It's always fun trying new sounds, but this felt like a big step forward, and that was very exciting. Originally it had a different chorus melody that I really liked, but our producer Danny told us it ripped off Taylor Swift’s “22” (Scooter’s Version), so I had to go back to the drawing board. I was bummed, and I remember dejectedly eating a Junior Chicken in the food court where I worked when all those lyrics just popped into my head. It was like receiving an AirDrop from the universe. We recorded it when we moved back to BC in Danny’s garage; he’s got a really nice studio in there.

Why did you want "Boomshackalacka" to lead the way in terms of singles from your forthcoming debut album, Right In The Kisser? How does this song prepare listeners for what's to come?

I think it was important to throw a curveball at anyone who’s been a listener of this band over the years right off the hop because it really is a song that we’re tremendously proud of and one that sent us on this new road where we’re kind of lampooning this whole idea of being a “rock band”. We carried this false swagger for the longest time because that’s what we were told to do by middle-aged white dudes (no offense, Danny + Dave from our label (shoutout Rock Is Dead Records xo). You’re the exception, and we love you very much). This record is us being truthful about who we really are and what we’re doing here, and the truth is it’s all very ridiculous. And I think that oughtta be celebrated.

Could you drop some hints on what to expect from your upcoming debut album, Right In The Kisser? What's your band's goal with this record?

Expect some weird stuff! There are jazz chords and feel changes and different styles of singing and death and ballads and gut-busting riffs and a song about just being ahead. It’s fun for the whole family. Our goal is to hopefully reach some ears that have not otherwise heard us and make the brains attached to those ears via a complex series of pipes think and feel things they would not have otherwise felt. That, and achieve online superstardom. We’ve been together for 11 years — give us 15 minutes, for God’s sake, already.

What's next for you?

We’re putting together a really cool live show right now with a bunch of really dope new gear that we’re all very excited about, so we hope to get that thing on the road sometime in the next handful of months. Preferably we can hop on a tour with another hipper band and ride some coattails into the stratosphere. Other than that, I think we’re just gonna keep trying to remain present and enjoy the process of rolling out our first record here while we keep pushing each other to be better songwriters, musicians, performers, and zaddies. Thank you so much for doing this; it was great talking atcha and hope to see you again real soon. Much Luv, Buzz!