The Vistanauts Take You Back in Time with Their Smashing Hit “TriBorg Monstrosity”

The Vistanauts released their record “TriBorg Monstrosity” and the minute we heard the first note we’ve instantly got excited. There was just something about “Triborg Monstrosity” that was so vintage. The production of the beat had the classic synths and rock n roll elements that you will find in most rhythmic and funky rock tracks back in the 70s-90s. It was fun, energetic, unique, but cool! It was like a super dope blend of futuristic and classic, giving you this eerily rad arrangement! The hook was even catchy enough to get stuck in our heads. “It’s getting messy on the dancefloor” sticks to your head like glue. The more you listen to “TriBorg Monstrosity” the more energized you become. It’s like listening to a musical Gatorade that refreshes you after every second.

The electrifying mix of both the groovy beat and chaotic vocal delivery made this song a super cool and even timeless record. There are multiple components to “TriBorg Monstrosity” that you will find yourself undeniably becoming hooked on. With every corner of the song, there’s a jamming element that strikes you across the face and allows you to fall into the time-traveling masterpiece that is The Vistanauts. This record is as individualistic as the band, as we’ve never heard anything close on a larger scale than this!

You can listen to this one of a kind and smashing hit record "TriBorg Monstrosity” here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic The Vistanauts! How has the journey been for you so far?

The Vistanauts are primarily a vehicle for my original music. I've been writing, producing and recording for years but hadn't performed in a while, so put together this band in 2016 to record a debut album "Apollo Down" and start playing out. It's been as fun and gratifying as I'd hoped it would be!

Talk to us about your music but more specifically your single “Triborg Monstrosity” what was the theme you were aiming for in this record?

I have a lot of different musical influences--Bowie is the most obvious and on "TriBorg" I was aiming for a heavy, angular synth sound and production similar to Bowie's groundbreaking work with Eno on his "Berlin era" album "Heroes". I play all the instruments and vocals on "TriBorg" except for one guitar part.

Were there any challenges you’ve faced in the production of “Triborg Monstrosity”?

Not in the recording. I work fast in the studio and usually have the whole concept mapped out in my mind before I go in. The accompanying music video was a bit of a challenge--low budget with just a few hours to shoot the whole thing, assemble the cast of characters, etc. But I am quite happy with the results!

What ultimately inspired “Triborg Monstrosity”?

Ha! It's kinda heavy lyrically. I'm describing a dystopian future where 5G and AI (artificial intelligence) have run amok at the "hands" of a dark force that is trying to replicate (via technology) the purported workings of "the holy trinity". How 'bout that?

What’s next for The Vistanauts?

Along with "TriBorg Monstrosity" I've already written and recorded a couple of songs for a new Ep. I'm working on a few more new ones now and hope to have it ("Electric Fire" Ep) released in early spring of 2020!