The Voice Contestant Anthony Paul Brings Pop-Eclectica Back In The Best Way!

Singer/songwriter hailing from Twinsburg, Ohio, is Anthony Paul. Not being confined to one category, Anthony curates music that is pop-eclecticism. We're mesmerized by the tempo Anthony can maintain throughout his tracks, and ultimately impressed by his vocalism. Anthony Paul has a dynamic set of vocals that won't go unnoticed by any listener, that's for sure! Performing in countless shows with a variety of audiences, Anthony has already set out to gain pivotal experience from the music world itself. Furthering his education with academia, Anthony has a long list of "prerequisites" one could say, to the music world, which not only includes his long performance list, or his academia itself, but also the fact that he's appeared (and went pretty far into) The Voice, being on both Team Ceelo, and Team Christina! We're aspired by his passion and will to pour himself into music, and definitively fascinated by his artistic skills. Anthony's latest song: "Free".

The rhythm of Anthony's latest track "Free" is completely bubbly and vivacious. He's lyricism is inspiring, and his vocal execution is similar to the likes of Lukas Graham, yet combined with a more house/electronic production. We're receiving a highly inspirational message from Anthony on this particular track. "Life's too short to keep you waiting [..] But now I'm free, free forever, free to be whoever. Not gonna worry about tomorrow". We can feel the passion emit itself from the voice of Anthony in "Free," and we appreciate the performance he provides for the track. The melody is captivating with its angelic elements, and the echoing effects added into "Free" is what will make it feel heavenly to any listener. You can expect "Free" to be a hit in various musical categories, as the song is now limited to one genre, but captures the essence of a variety of genres. Anthony Paul is an artist with a stellar voice and the knowledge to what sounds go well with such a voice (we can probably attribute that aspect to his extensive music academia). If your Spotify needs an inspirational track (and let's be fair, most of us need some inspiration), then "Free" should be added immediately!

Check out "Free" here, and get to know Anthony Paul through his exclusive interview below!

Hey there Anthony! Great to feature "Free" here on BuzzMusic! The song features a variety of rhythms and melodies that make for an angelic atmosphere. Did the initial production take long in order to achieve the right sounding for this track?

Hi! Thank you so much for have me on BuzzMusic, this is very exciting for me! I started producing and writing “Free” in March of 2017. I knew what I wanted the song to sound like, I could literally hear it in my head. The problem was that I didn’t have the music production skills at the time to create “Free” into what it is today. It literally took 2 years and some extremely appreciated music production courses at Crē•8 Music Academy in West Hollywood to achieve the angelic and freeing atmosphere you hear in the song today.

"Free" clearly has an inspirational message behind it. Besides our own take from the song, what was the pivotal message you wanted to communicate across to your listeners with "Free"?

The main message that I hope every listener gets out of “Free” is to live your one-of-a-kind, unique life, the best way you know how, unapologetically; and to never worry about what others do or say about you in the process. You only have one life and you already know that your mortality is inevitable, so live your life now while you can and stay on your own path.

Are you able to describe the development of your sound, from when you first began your musical career, to now? How do you feel you have ultimately progressed through the music world, amidst all the challenges you have faced artistically?

When I first started creating my original music, it was mostly in the realm of R&B/Pop. I started making music right after being on “The Voice” and after performing songs on the show that fell into those genres, I sort of stuck to it because that’s what people seemed to like from me. As I got older and really started to find myself, I realized that something was missing and that I needed to start developing my own personal sound. At first, I stuck with ballads, but I love upbeat music and I love to dance. I’m grateful to have a strong singing voice that I can manipulate genre to genre, so I decided why not be a collection of all my favorite genres. If I want a more instrumental piano ballad then I’ll make one, if I’m feeling a Dance/Pop bop, then I’ll make one. I really try not to box myself in anymore and as we see in the music industry today, genres as we know them are breaking down and blending together more and more.

What would you say was the most integral message learned from an artists perspective such as yourself, from being on The Voice?!

The greatest lesson I learned from being on the voice is that no amount of fame is worth having if you can’t be yourself while trying to achieve it. I was 18 years old when I was on “The Voice”. I am a completely different person now and I am grateful for that. The version of myself that was on “The Voice” lacked confidence and thought that if he worked hard enough, he would be a star, share his music around the world, be perfectly happy, and that’s all that mattered. He was so reserved and not truly happy at all. I think not winning that show was the biggest blessing for me because I wasn’t ready, and as I grew older, I realized that.  I wasn’t ready to be the artist I always dreamed I would be because I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. On the outside I may have exuded confidence but, on the inside, I was so worried about how other people perceived me and what I needed to do for people to like me, it was so exhausting. It wasn’t really until after the show when I went to college, where I gained pride in myself, learned to love myself, and embrace all the pieces that make me who I am. In a way, I feel that “Free” was my real debut as an artist because it’s the first time that I was being my most authentic self.

What a treat to be featuring you and your music here on BuzzMusic! It was amazing to hear your recent work! Are you planning on performing anywhere in the near future to promote "Free", or potentially a possible album?

Yes! Thank you for having me! All I can say now, is that as for my music it’s been a long time coming. I am working on so many projects right now that I cannot wait to share. I’m really just focusing on working and releasing my art without pressuring myself as much as I normally do. You should definitely be on the lookout for new things to come before the end of the year. I am grateful to have childhood friends now living here in LA that love to create and collaborate, so I would definitely pay attention.


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