“The Void” Ft. K. Lee Marie By Avidian Plays With Contrast In Rock Music

Avidian is an alternative hard-rock band hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. Founding member Joshua Fredric Smith formed Avidian in 2003 with Roger Stockton and Jeremy Bess. Eventually, Jeremy would part ways with the trio due to family reasons and Rob Carrero would step in on drums for shows and several live recording sessions at the bands' rehearsal space in Sebastopol, CA. To date, none of the new trio’s material has made it to a professional recording studio but with their latest single “The Void” FT. K.Lee Marie, Avidian is back with intention and a fine balance between melody and grit.

“The Void” Ft. K. Lee Marie is a song that makes certain to utilize contrast, moving skillfully from quietly expressive verses to the high-octane strength and vibrancy of a full rock hook. There are similarities to Incubus during the verse delivery, quick lyricism with seemingly free rhythm, then we hear a more Foo Fighters vibe during the hook. Contrast strikes again, later on, Avidian is far from afraid to make the most out of space in-between moments of weight and power, and this undoubtedly helps make “The Void” an unmissable hard rock anthem for 2019. The latter half is insanely energizing, particularly when listened to at volume! K.Lee Marie adds another refreshing element of contrast through her perfectly matched vocals and unbelievable register. A hard-hitting and brilliantly authentic rock track, from a band who we should all be grateful, are making their way back on to the world’s music scenes. We’re looking forward to hearing more!

Listen to “The Void” here and read more with Avidian below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! "The Void" has many layers. What’s the overall theme you were trying to achieve with this song?

Great Question!! Initially, the Void was very stripped down, it had building blocks (basically, stuff ) guitar, rhythm bass, etc, But once I sat down with producer, Drew Kapner we dug deep into what sort of vibe we wanted. It was a very long process really dialing in everything. Somedays/weeks we work just on the Drums & Guitar tones etc.. we wanted to have that late 90’s - 2000’s vibe, but fresh enough for 2019.. I wanted this track to pull you in and right when its about to drop you it takes you even higher, something that stays with you.. I feel like this track is a Blend of Mystery

with a few drops of SyFy lol. almost out of this world.. I think that makes sense.

What do you hope your listeners take away from "The Void"?

I believe music hits everyone differently and for different reasons, for The Void, I hope each individual finds some type of relationship to the song. If it helps someone through a bad breakup or someone finishing a sprint on track day to the racer driver getting pumped for his big day, this track is meant to sit with you, to pick you up & get you going.I remember the first time we Cranked up the first mix in the Studio, I knew it was something special, that feeling of being taken somewhere.

Where is the best setting to listen to your music? Why?

We have several Releases out, but for this music ... The Void, I think its best for seekers, people on the move, The ones looking for more. Maybe the gym folks or cyclists .. even within the Lyrics, this track is perfect for anyone standing on “ their own two feet “ symbolically it means you're handling life as it hits you. I’ve cranked this track up before it was finished about a million times and I’d get folks in Los Angeles traffic glaring at me, so maybe its best for all locations and moods.

What was it like to collaborate with K. Lee Marie!? We are in love with her voice and hope to hear more in the future!!

K.Lee Rocks , there's no doubt about it & she such a hard worker too !.. we wanted a specific type of featured vocalist on this track. The singer had to have a powerful voice and an edge to go with it. When I Heard K. Lee’s voice I just knew .. I had received a link to one of her performances & it was a cover of an Alice n Chains song! I mean ... seriously .. it was the perfect fit. Once we got linked up, we rehearsed for a few months before going into the Studio to track Vocals, etc.. It was great. we honestly would be in Recording Studio for 16 hours a day, but that was pure bliss, haha , One thing that really stood out with K.Lee was that while we were tracking her Vocals we’d ask her to push more or make adjustments & she’d give us more then we hoped for, so

yeah . she really did an amazing job on The Void. K.Lee also has another project “ EdgeWater Angel” as well as her own under her name.

What do you hope to achieve as a band artist through the end of 2019?

We’re at a place now where after 3 releases and a lot of creative efforts it would be great to see more sync and publishing deals come through, some feature film and Tv placements. we have a few at the moment, but the new Music has a different flavor than the past Music no doubt . In short, there is plenty more on the Horizon for Avidian, we have a Music video concept to produce, more song to mix and Master and eventually, this is all going to lead to hitting that main stage! As for 2019, I'd be lying if I didn’t want to see The Void Hit the Billboard charts before the year is up!


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