The Waking Point is Powered by Talent in, "My Control"

The Waking Point is the doom rock project created by Sadie Belica and fronted by vocalists and guitarists Sadie Belica and Alex Springs. After the success of her solo album Rose Colored Violence, Sadie Belica expanded the band during the pandemic to include grunge nerd Alex Springs on lead guitar and Carl Jester Buena on bass.

Leaning in on the band’s lucid form of Rock meeting the theatrical prog essence, The Waking Point’s latest single “My Control,” is filled to the brim with dark undertones of an almost ethereal universe. Enlisting the talents of drummer and mix engineer Dan Konopka, the amplified setting of this record pairs a grunge-fueled intensification of the instrumentation with delicate vocals shimmering on the themes dispersed throughout the track.

You immediately pick up on The Waking Point’s musical influences of Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Fleetwood Mac, and Led Zeppelin as the manner in which they approach the song’s structure is foreboding and thought-provoking at its finest. With the drum patterns sitting in the front of the mix with the euphonious vocal layers, you hear the distorted bassline peak through amongst the smoldering guitar riffs in a way that caters to the focus of each element.

Drizzling ominous lyrical motifs within the composition you hear the articulated emphasis take the back seat as the power is in the strung-out spirit of each word. Using an impeccable proportion of time and space, “My Control,” simmers in its bolstered appeal as you digest every moment that The Waking Point provides.

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