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The Weadon Boys Drop Powerhouse New Track “I Will”

Tim Corcoran, the founding member of the duo, and Mark Obitz have a sound that is unmatched in today’s rock music industry. Together the two make up The Weadon Boys, an eclectic rock duo create music that live by mottos like “don’t be boring” and “seek the ecstatic”. Making music for over twenty years, Obitz gave Corcoran the final push he needed to begin this stellar project. The Weadon Boys have spent the last two years in studio refining their craft and writing many soon to be released hits. Genre-bending and thrilling, The Weadon Boys have a story to tell and a sound that demands to be heard.

The Weadon Boys newest track “I Will” is a memorable rock anthem fueled by soulful vocals and catchy guitar riffs. “I Will” is a seductive track layered with sexual tension and intense energy. Soul-filled lyrics tell the story of raw desire and human experience. This engaging theme has the listeners (me included), head banging, toe tapping, and rocking out to every verse. The dynamic duo of Tim and Mark bring a rough and alluring aesthetic to today’s shiny rock scene.

They bring back the playful grit that is rock music and unapologetically create what they want to create. Authentic to the core, The Weadon Boys are rising to the top. “I Will” delivers an unforgettable and timeless rock sound while remaining unique and original. The Weadon Boys transcend genres through their chill sound and authentic chemistry. Equipped with rock n roll hearts and a fresh new sound, stay on the lookout for The Weadon Boys.

Check out “I Will” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with the The Weadon Boys.

Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you start by telling us more about how you two met?

This is Tim. I met Mark four years ago while he was doing an acoustic solo show in a resort in Rancho Santa Fe, California. I was on a nightmare of a first date, in the dining room, and I could hear Mark over in the bar, doing stuff that normal resort performers don’t do. I spent the rest of the evening watching him and ignoring my date! Afterwards, I introduced myself and suggested we jam. We hit it off right away, and developed an immediate rapport in songwriting - we filled in each other’s talent gaps perfectly, like we were made for each other. Shortly after that we started hitting the studio regularly, and have been focused on honing our studio craft as best we can.

Where are you from? What’s the rock music scene like there?

We’re based in Southern California. It’s a very vibrant music scene, of course, and home to some of the best musicians in the world. It allows us to bring in some very talented session guys, engineers and mixers to help give us the quality we want in our music. All the talent and musicianship we ever need is just a phone call away. We've set our goals very high in terms of musicianship and quality, and so we can't imagine doing this anywhere else besides LA.

What would be your dream venue to perform? Why?

We just love playing music so we’ll do it anywhere, anytime. In fact, in my experience, sometimes the most magical artistic moments will come in a private “show”, with friends and family in the backroom of a bar, or a private home - all acoustic, no electronics. There’s definitely a certain power that comes with being in the raw element, and having that type of direct interconnection with the audience. In terms of venues, we have a great deal of confidence in our ability to deliver with quality and power. So it would be great to play the largest venues, and to feel the energy of thousands coming back at us.

What’s your writing process like?

Our writing process is always the same. It’s based on equal parts inspiration and hard work. It always begins with the music, not the lyrics. We usually start with a musical feeling or ambiance that we want to shoot for, and we immediately construct a full arrangement based on that, with acoustic guitar. Our philosophy is that the best rock/pop music should be kept structurally simple, leaving nuance and complexity for the individual parts put together in the studio. Once we have these arrangements, we stick them into our “library”. Then, when I’m in a songwriting mood, I’ll start listening to one that strikes me, or evokes a strong feeling, emptying my mind, and trying to listen to what the music itself is saying. I never bring a preconceived lyrical idea into this process - the music always tells me what to do. I’ll usually spend hours and hours listening over and over, and the ideas come, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. I do this very patiently, as I don’t want the immediately obvious melodic ideas to blot out the best possibilities, which are often hidden. I usually take a week or so, working a few hours a day to bring a song to completion using this method. I’ll edit and re-write over and over again until I think every word and idea is perfect. Once we get to this point, the rest of the “writing” comes in the studio, as Mark puts together all of the underlying parts that give such full expression to the moods we want to invoke.

Tell us more about “I Will”. What do you want the listeners to take away from this track?

“I Will” is intended to be rock that you can groove to, that makes you wanna tap your toes and move your body. Above all, we want the listeners to have fun and to be interested, and the lyrics are meant to reflect that too, drawing on my experiences of male/female relationship tension and the complications wrought by the simple power of physical attraction. At its inception, I suggested to Mark that we should start this song with a guitar riff only, and bring in the bass and drums later, which is always a cool effect. This forced Mark to come up with a riff that could stand on its own, and would define the song. Of course, he succeeded in that, and with such a groovy riff at its core, the rest of the song can’t help but continue the groove. From there, we just built on the rhythms and the fun of it all. I hope this grabs peoples’ attention when it comes on their playlists, that it makes them move in rhythm and nod their heads, and puts them in mind of the mysteries of their own attractions and relationships.


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