The What Have Yous Are Breaking Genre Boundaries With “Dooba Dooba”

Making their way from New York City and Seattle, The What Have Yous are here to bring you a unique blend of folk and rock. Zac Gannett, Ceren Yasaruglu and Diwas Gurung brought all their ideas together to perfect the music they want to share with the world. They enjoy what contemporary music has to offer, but also feel that it is important to go back to your roots and use techniques from other eras. Their goal is to create different music and something people can’t get out of their heads.

Dooba Dooba” by The What Have Yous is a unique blend of indie-folk and doo-wop, a track of pure creativity and spirit. The funky rhythms and choice of instruments give the song a jazz feeling, it is very beat-driven. Guitar and percussion are emphasized in “Dooba Dooba”, layered underneath two lead vocalists who switch of carrying the melody. As a quirky and fun touch on the song, The What Have Yous add a spunky guitar solo that stands out against the folksy elements. The song has a sort of symmetry to it, where it starts softly and builds to a crescendo before descending. It then ends even softer than it began, with single guitar strums closing the number off. “Dooba Dooba” overall has jubilant energy to it, leaving you feeling bright and cheerful.

Listen to “Dooba Dooba” by The What Have Yous here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic The What Have Yous, it’s a pleasure to be chatting with you today! The lyrics for “Dooba Dooba” are quite quirky and different, what is your process for songwriting? What inspired the creation of this particular song?

This melody weirdly came to me while I was driving. I pulled the car over and recorded the melody into my phone then wrote the lyrics around the vide of the song. The song is about childhood nostalgia. The song should remind you of walking along a river in the sun without a care in the world. Ceren really brings the tune alive right off the bat with her dooba dooba’s!

How did your unique blend of genres come to be? What different touches does each of you bring to the band?

The genres come from my love of the ’50s, 60’s and 90’s. I try to blend styles but stay true to a simple catchy style of songwriting. I write the songs then Ceren brings them to life with her amazing voice and Diwas brings them to the next level with his guitar work and producing.

What is your favorite type of music to listen to, and how did you take inspiration from this to build your own sound?

I love the 60’s and 50’s. I like the idea of walking down a boardwalk in 1950 and thinking about what music was playing in the background. One of our songs “Summer Breeze” is actually about that.

What is one thing you want your listeners to take away from your music?

I want people to have the songs stuck in their heads and give then a jolt of energy to get through the day!