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The Wong Quadruplets Release Their Debut Single, "Summertime"

The Wong Quadruplets are a young band taking center stage.

These emerging Hollywood stars are made up of four musical siblings featuring three brothers and one lead-singing sister. Singer, Venice, and her three brothers Mason on drums, Harrison on the keyboard, and Alexander on guitar. The four of them come together to create this innate musical talent, playing perfectly in harmony. You could say it runs in the family.

The Wong Quadruplets just released their new single, "Summertime," and it's bound to get fans on the dancefloor.

The Wong Quadruplets have recently been up on Nickelodeon and Kids Say The Darndest Things hosted by Tiffany Hadish. This rising group is all fun and all for the kids.

The group's new song, "Summertime," is an absolute summer bop. This song is fun and catchy, while it's relatable to the youth of today's generation.

With the guitar and drums in the background, you can hear Venice's voice coming in. Her voice is powerful, but she keeps the party going with her fun and uplifting tone. The song gives the listener that carefree feeling; it really is a summer anthem. "SUMMERTIME" brings out that fun, upbeat, and nostalgic emotion, bringing you back to the good days of the summer.

The 12-year-old Wong Quadruplets have definitely developed into a hip-new band. You can hear them playing in harmony throughout the track "Summertime."

Keeping in mind that this is their first single release, we can't help to think back to the early days of superstars like Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber. With such a long road ahead, The Wong Quadruplets are following in their footsteps.

Listen to "Summertime" by The Wong Quadruplets, available now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Wong Quadruplets! We love your new release, "Summertime." How long did it take you to create this song, and what was the inspiration behind it?

It took us a few months to create this song before summer. As kids, our favorite season is summer, and our song talks about things and activities kids love to do during the summer, like going to the beach, playing video games, hanging out with friends, doing silly TikTok, and hanging in the pool. This is where we get our inspiration from, our favorite season, “Summertime”!

What's the message you want people to take away from "Summertime"?

Our message is about kids being kids. And in this modern era, the majority of GenZ kids enjoy technology. As much as kids nowadays love playing video games, our song also talks about other fun things kids should also enjoy.

If The Wong Quadruplets could do a collaboration with any artist, who would it be?

We would love to collaborate with Olivia Rodrigo. We love her songs so much that we’ve been doing a lot of Olivia Rodrigo's cover songs at our live performances. We also do a lot of classic and pop rock cover songs.

How does "Summertime" compare to the other songs you've released?

"Summertime" brings out the kid in you. It’s a fun, positive vibe type of song for all ages. Our next single is called “Hummingbird,” which brings out the best in you and how sweet life can be.

What's next for you?

Next will be our second single, “Hummingbird” so stay tuned. For now, we’ve been performing all over Southern California, playing cover songs and original songs. You can check out our IG @wong_quadruplets for the list of our upcoming live events.


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