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The World In HD Shares How He “Came Up” In His New Hit Single

This Florida native and Carolina raised, The World In HD is an East Coast Rapper making himself known in the Hip Hop world. He began making music at an early age. Now currently based in Atlanta, this independent artist is pushing boundaries and turning heads! The World In HD’s songs reflect various emotional experiences he has had in life and then others are just creative metaphors and fun wordplay on top of catchy beats. This artist has been pushing out dope music and now sharing with us his latest track “Came Up”.

Can we say HELLO! Where did this guy come from! We mean that in the best way. We missed that sound in Hip Hip that you would get from the likes of Paul Wall and Lil’ Flip and The World In HD delivers all the sounds! To be from Florida and live in Atlanta but to have such a deep southern style is amazing. We love how catchy this tune is! Lyrically you can relate to a “Came Up” when you make it from nothing and that is what we respect most about this song. I definitely hear the Atlanta instrumentals going in the back and crazy enough this blend works so well! We can’t wait to hear more from The World In HD!

Listen to "Came Up" here!

Hey! If you don’t mind could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Well for starters, I go by The World In HD, or HD for short. The name isn't just any name. My initials are actually HD, so "The World In HD" is describing the thoughts and emotions inside my head. 

How has your upbringing influenced your music?

Well when I was little, I didn't have much music to pick from outside of the radio and what my mom listened to. I ended up knowing Enya, Dido, Tracy Chapman, and the likes, before I even knew rock, and years before I knew rap. A friend of mine showed me Linkin Park "Hybrid Theory", and I fell in love and had that CD on repeat on my little disc player for at least a year. The first time I heard rap, I believe it was Will Smith "Miami", and I thought it was so cool hahaha. I remember somewhere around that time also being allowed to listen to the edited version of AfroMan, Weird AL, and even 50 cent when he first came out. Junior high and high school is when I discovered all these artists who are now considered classics. I obviously loved rap because I kept listening to it, but what I didn't realize was that I had a talent for it. I knew every word to every song, and it wasn't because I listened to it on repeat. I'm able to memorize lyrics insanely quickly. So the passion transitioned from listening to creating later on. I wasn't encouraged to pursue music, much less rap, until I was about 20. I bought a laptop and some basic recording equipment and set it up, and go figure, I have no idea what I was doing. I met a guy who would end up playing a huge part in me making music, and thankfully at the time he knew a thing or two, so we just started creating. I wasn't positive what to make music about at first, so he'd make some party songs, but he'd also tell me to vent. To write things down I was afraid to tell people at the time. And that's where 8 discovered I had a talent for storytelling some very chilling stories. At this point in my life, Eminem, Tech N9ne, and a little bit of party music was my entire library. So I guess that's how my songs have come to be so far, a wide variety of situations put into songs haha. 

Why did you create this song, “Came Up”?

This song was made as something to be able to bump to. A banger, fun song, smooth and groovy, all the fun stuff. I've done a few deep and emotional songs, and of course the fan base loves them, because that's where some interest lays, but I wanted to make some music that they could smile to and be happy listening to as well. 

Are there any other genres of music you hope to dive into?

Well I can sing just a little, you know, like some Everlast "What It's Like" and stuff like that, so I think some form of rap rock could be cool. But really I like being the rap part on songs, so with other genres, I think it'd be a better flow if I collaborated with artists in other genres, rather than trying to randomly make music that sounds like other genres. Tech N9ne has a song called "Straight Out The Gate" where he got Serj Tankian, and I thought that song was incredible. It wasn't tech trying to be rock, it was tech collaborating with rock, and it was beautiful. So yeah, something like that would be mad dope. 

How do you plan to use your musical platform to spark change?

Well when I first started writing songs, there were some depressing lyrics. It wasn't intentional, just got in a mood and started writing. The bars were great, flow was great, the lyrics were just dark. The fact that it came so natural made me think there was something there, so I made two official songs out of those moods, and we got "Here With You" and "In Your Arms" featuring my singer RUVI. She has an amazing voice, and delivers absolutely chilling vocals for both of those songs, so the whole package makes them tear jerkers. But my point is that I decided to make a song about dealing with mental illness, and a song about mourning a close friend who died from an overdose. I'd love to spark change in the mental illness category, whether it be helping people through their situations with my music, relating to them, anything like that. I want to connect with people and show them I know how real life truly can get, and there are times it just feels pointless, but the beauty lies through pushing past those points to get to the amazing moments. That's what I've done. I didn't see myself reaching this level with music, or I guess I just didn't see myself creating some of the particular songs I did. But I'm just another guy is my point. You find your passion, you pursue that shit, of course it's going to be hard. It's the beauty of fighting through every painful moment for an awesome moment. Sorry this answer is so long by the way lol I suffer from anxiety, depression, and a mild form of tourrettes, so I'd like to tie them all into music in some way. Bring awareness to all of the categories in a positive manner. 


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