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The Zealous Eddie Ambition Hypnotizes His Listeners With His Bewitching Hit “Rip My Heart Out”

Eddie Ambition, an artist, DJ, and Producer from Prince George County, Maryland, released his single titled “Rip My Heart Out” and the repetitive hook, computerized pop instrumental, and ethereal melody was enough to draw me in and turn me into a fan. The backtrack beat has intricate details and an atmospheric presence that evokes a sense of becoming lost within the sound. The hook sings “If Only I Could Rip My Heart Out” with an addicting melody you can’t help but to sing along around the second replaying of it. If I’m being honest, not many songs can impress me to the point where I decide I want to personally add it to my playlist but this track is so addicting and prepossessing I couldn’t help but to sing along, and replay about 5 times. That was a sign to me how radio appealing the record is! It can come on a radio and immediately grasp the attention of those all around. It naturally has this musical magnetic force that attracts a crowd to the sound. Eddie Ambition tantalizing hit record was enough to have me invested in what he will release next and I know it won’t be anything less than a hit song!

Be sure to check out Eddie Ambition's "Rip My Heart Out," and get to know Eddie better through the artist's exclusive interview below!

Is ‘Eddie Ambition’ your given name or just a stage name you created? If so it’s super unique and cool! Tell us the story behind that!

Eddie Ambition is a stage name I created in 2013 and made official in 2018. I made it when I was still in high school just as a name for Instagram and twitter. While going out, partying, dating etc where the ideal past times for my peers, then and now all I wanted to do when I wasn't in school was work, work on my music, run my audio/ engineering company and do my gigs as a musician. To sum it up, the only adjective that accurately described me that I could think of to go along with Eddiewas ambition. Although, Chocolate Thunder, The Dark Chocolate Teddy Bear, & Sexy Teddy Eddie where options to lol.

How long have you’ve been making music?

I've been making songs since I was 12. I started as a multi instrumentalist at 12 playing Keys, bass, drums, guitar, and percussion. I also tried to play the saxophone and the trombone while I was still in elementary school, I wasn't to passionate about them nor very good. At 12 I use to make chord progressions and write songs to them in hopes of being able to start a rock/ pop band but unfortunately that was a dead mission at 12 in PG county MD due to the fact that the dominate genres there are gogo, rap, and R&B and on top of that being 12 made it hard to travel to find other musicians in other areas, also not many of my peers where getting into instruments and bands outside of school, definitely not rock music if they where.

Knowing that you’re multi-faceted and skilled in many areas such as producing, and DJing.. Do you indulge more time in creating a song than typical since you’re doing all areas of the production!?

The song creation process does take me longer since I am behind every element of it. I tend to start by making the beat or at least the chord progression and melody then write to it, then i'll finish the beat, record my vocals, then mix and master it. Sometimes that can happen all in one sitting or I may stretch it over time. 

What is “Rip My Heart Out” ? How would you describe the song to our readers?

"Rip My Heart Out" is a song I wrote, produced and recreated several times over the last few years that exhibits the turmoil of a painful relationship I was in. The song shows a tender hearted young guy who's never cheated, been loyal, faithful, even naive, maybe overzealous and who honestly cared about love not just sex who was broken down, cheated on, lied to, and taken advantage of. I guess everyone hits there breaking point, I surely did. In my case I've never be the same, I'll never view or trust people the same, and I wouldn't quite say a relationship or marriage is what I want anymore, the desire is there but the thought of it scares me more than anything and this song displays that. Wait till you guys hear what I release next, its a complete plot twist ;). 

Many DJ’s and Producers chooses to stay behind the music and not showcase their talent on the tracks they produce. Is it a fulfilling feeling knowing a song you create is something you created on your own with no help?

Its a fulling experience. Doing everything myself kinda helps to fully create that vision and emotion as accurately as I feel and see it in my spirit. The whole process, when you do everything yourself, is sorta like the feeling of "Preaching to the choir" everybody's just on the same page and frequency and since in this case I'm technically everybody, Its pretty cool, definitely therapeutic.  Also, after recently being able to get out of my contract with my former label of two years its a good feeling and business position to be in to have 100% control and ownership of my work and its also cool because I don't have to wait on, rely on, pay or travel to anybody to get my songs created. Although in the near future I would like to team up with a passionate mixing & mastering engineer.

Who are some of your favorite artists out today that you’re listening to who have helped shape your career in music!?

I have a very wide and weird range of artist I like and am influenced by. First and foremost Calvin Harris, Zedd, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince, Morris Day, A Day To Remember, Nina Simone, Telepopmusik, The Weeknd, Big Flock, Gameova Band, What? Band, AAO, HQB, Hozier, Hopsin, Tasha Cobbs, Kiki Sheard, Robert Glasper, Simple Plan, Naked Brothers Band, Marvin Sapp, Chet Baker, Ice Cube, Lil Jon, Tupac,  Suttle Thoughts Band, and of course Drake. 

What’s next for you Eddie?

From here Im looking to continue pushing my single "Rip My Heart Out" until it picks up more traction then I want to release my plot twist song ;) lol. You know, I was so devastated and depressed having to leave the label I recently was with. I thought that I was with a good team, I thought Id make my first hit with them, I thought they really messed with me, believed in me and where going to work, I guess time showed otherwise. So Im also looking to build a good team of people to help me with everything, as of now I literally do everything myself, even my graphics and I don't even know how to do graphics lol. Im going to continue to build my budget so I can push and invest in my self independently tho I am open to signing to another label if there open to being drilled like crazy by 100 lawyers. 


Catch up with Eddie Ambition on his Instagram and Twitter


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