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Thea May Collaborates with Rapper Troy Junker in Uplifting, Emotion Filled Single

Ojibway, singer-songwriter Thea May collaborates with Metis-rapper Troy Junker in uplifting, emotion-filled hit “Runaway.” Filled with vulnerable lyrics that many men and women will find relatable, “Runaway” sings of reuniting with a loved one and being so in awe of someone that you drop everything to rekindle your flame.

The uplifting and bouncing pop production creates the scape of a daydream while flowing lyrics and instrumentals together. Junker mentioned in interviews that the vulnerable lyrics are filled with his flair and emotion, drawn from personal experiences. This intimate creative process allowed these two Canadian artists to bond in a way that created their desirous and heartfelt single.

“Runaway” was a truly memorable musical process, and filming the music video from their respective locations (due to the pandemic) heightened their individual, versatile stylings to enhance the warm vocal tones. We can’t wait to listen to the many more collaborations between these two highly talented artists in the future.

Read more with Thea May and Troy Junker here.

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