Their Music is as Daring as Their Name; The Dangerous!

The Dangerous is an act you must get in tune with right away. The Dangerous is the type of group that we can't imagine ever fading from the limelight. Their sound progresses further and further with each release, and with that, their buzz skyrockets. The Dangerous falls mainly within the Indie category, also incorporating heavy elements of Reggae. Officially forming in 2018, The Dangerous is entirely based in San Jose, CA. Founders of The Dangerous, Keviano Azevedo and Edgar Fernandez, are childhood friends that are quite familiar with the music industry. They released numerous groundbreaking singles like “Gangsta”, “Drivin” “She Comes & Goes” alongside dropping a debut album “Made Of Gold.” you get the true trail-blazing reggae aesthetic from all their releases, plunging yourself fully into the atmosphere of The Dangerous.

The Dangerous's love for reggae combined with their authentic way of delivering their music makes them a stand-out and captivating band that ignites a feeling of excitement into many many fans. There should be no debate regarding the placement of The Dangerous on your current playlists! One aspect we must note about The Dangerous is how enigmatically creative they are. It's attracting and quite effective in stimulating their audience. We know that the band is thinking of doing some future shows, so listening to the sound of The Dangerous live can be quite easy!

Listen to the recent music of The Dangerous here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic The Dangerous! What initially inspired you to form a band? How has the journey been so far?  Edgar - My group of friends has always consisted of musicians and our favorite pass time has always been jamming and creating music. It just made sense at some point to start recording and sharing what we've been creating with everyone. The inspiration now is listening back to a track that we worked hard on and feeling proud about it and being able to share it with our friends. The journey so far has been amazing, memorable, exciting, IRIE! Talk to us about the release of your debut album “Made Of Gold”. How was the creative process for this project? What are some challenges you stumbled upon? Edgar - Made of Gold, was very much a huge learning experience. Keviano (our drummer) and I, wrote the album in our little home studio. We both had a bunch of ideas stored in our hard drives. At some point, we just picked out our favorites out of the bunch and started developing them until we felt good about them. We essentially recorded an album that had never been played live so when the rest of the guys hopped on board, we had to learn how to play these songs from what felt like scratch. I think the biggest challenge was learning how to bring these songs to life and trying to deliver the same vibe that was captured on the record. What’s one of the main themes most of these songs have in common on “Made Of Gold”? Keviano- Most of the songs are about love and different types of relationships and smokin, drinkin, etc. Are the songs on “Made Of Gold” placed in chronological order and if so for what reason? Keviano- The songs are sequenced in chronological order. The concept of the album is the listener joining someone on a road trip. The listener tune's in on the driver's thoughts and memories as he goes on a drive towards his destination. Here's a gist of the topic of each song. Drivin: Going on a drive towards a destination and not letting anything hold you back from getting there. Kinky Lady: Expressing one's desire to be with a woman that is kinky and perfect in your eyes. One Love: A call for unification against evil and depression in the name of love. Gangsta: Paying homage to growing up in the hood. Chillin with homies from the skate park celebrating simpler times. King and Story: Waiting at a stoplight skimming through stations for a new slap. Made of Gold(For you): Evolving one's self to achieve a healthy relationship with that special someone. Vampire: Toxic ex-lover that keeps coming after you. She Comes and Goes: Consoling a friend that is down about his ex-love. Next to You: Conveying how exceptional and amazing your girl is, and how you love being with her. No Games: Not letting the pressures of making money and the struggle to make ends meet get in the way of one’s happiness. How would you detail the visuals in singles like “Drivin”? Keviano- Drivin was filmed on a rainy day at our studio which is located inside a small airport on the east side of San Jose, Cali. We shot performances inside our rehearsal room against a white wall which allowed us to key out the white and add layers of footage of our city. All the car shots were done along Capital expressway using Edgar's 91 Civic hatchbacks. We all took turns being filmed inside the car, then we got outside footage by driving alongside in my car. It was a fun day full of laughs like most. Matt our cinematographer and editor did a beautiful number on the final. The dude's brilliant. What’s next for you in 2020 The Dangerous? Can you hint to us a possible upcoming show if there is one? Edgar - In 2020 we plan to release a series of singles that will eventually be combined to become an EP. We're currently tossing around some ideas for visuals that will be aligned with the singles. In 2020 we have two shows already booked up. January 17th we will be at The Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma. Then January 22nd, we're playing with The Wailers at The Ritz in San Jose.