Them Damn Dogs Introduces New Album With "Memories"

Them Damn Dogs began their musical journey in Alabama in 2012, when Jerome Villarreal Jr., Brandon Holmes, Chris Salib, and Drew Watts came together with the goal of creating something unique that would blend all of their musical interests. Their first album, “Let Loose”, kickstarted their career and allowed them to perform their music around their home state. After losing their lead guitarist (Drew Watts), they played as a three-piece band for a short period, and now they are back better than ever with new guitarist Russ Savage IV. To begin this next era of music, Them Damn Dogs released “Memories” as the lead single to their next album. An exciting and enjoyable track to open the album, “Memories” gives a glimpse into what Them Damn Dogs is all about. The alternative rock song layers the vocals to give it a unique texture and helps place emphasis on the vocals over the music. The song also has a small echo effect, that makes the song sound older and retro.  The song is energetic and jubilant, using fast guitar strumming to keep the energy high. Following “Memories”, the second album by Them Damn Dogs is set for release in spring 2020. Mark your calendars, the new album is titled “Unpoetic Flavor.”

Listen to "Memories" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Them Damn Dogs! How did you pick “Memories” as the first single off of Unpoetic Flavor? What stood out to you about it?

"Memories" had a driving pop-rock sound that really represented the music we set out to make 8 years ago. It has a catchy hook and some surf elements that we always wanted to incorporate into the band. It's crazy because most of the songs on the album sound nothing like it so we thought it would be interesting to release this one as the straight forward pop song.

How does Them Damn Dogs go about their songwriting sessions? Will you typically work together on a piece, or write separately?

I (Jerome Villarreal, Jr.) usually come up with a chord progression, melody, or a full demo of a song and I'll show it to the rest of the band. Our drummer Brandon Holmes will find a drumbeat the connects with my style of rhythm guitar or rhythm of melodies. He'll some times create beats that are a little off of what I had in mind but they always sound cool and inventive. Our bassist Chris Salib will find a groovy bass line within minutes of hearing what I have and he almost always has a bass line ready to go in no time. Him and lead guitarist Russ Savage IV will come up with harmonies with my vocals and throw in lead parts in empty spaces to enhance the song. We work together a lot. 

What inspired the name of your band? How did you come up with ‘Them Damn Dogs’?

Our former lead guitarist Drew Watts lived with our friend Heather and she had this wild dog named Ollie. He was so crazy that Drew once said: "That damn dog is gonna be the death of me." One of his friends mentioned that "Them Damn Dogs" would be a cool name for our band and so it kind of stuck. We couldn't find a real name so when he told us that we just thought sure that will work for now. It's been our name ever since.

It was a pleasure to chat with you today! What are your plans for the next couple of months before the album comes out? Are you planning any promotional shows for the Unpoetic Flavor?

Thank you for having us! We will probably throw a release party in our hometown of Huntsville, AL around May. We really want a spring release. We are gonna release more singles from the album including our next single "I Wish I Was Dead." That will be released sometime in February so be on the lookout!