Themorethanevers Release “Stubborn Dreamers”, a Song With a Resonant Message

In order to excel in an atmosphere of genre-bending chill hop EDM and R&B soul, you’ve got to be willing to push the boundaries. Music producer Themorethanevers has created quite the name for himself for his ability to do just that. He tests the limits and strives to create beautiful harmonies in his songs. This recognition is not underserved and the release of “Stubborn Dreamers” featuring Grace D and Killa Stryder only proves the talent of Themorethanevers.

The song starts off with a whimsical melody that almost puts you into a trance, a dream-like state. A strong catchy beat is introduced and the contrast so beautifully illustrates the balance between logical thought and being lost in your dreams. Grace D’s smooth and unwavering vocals create a uniqueness to the atmosphere of the song and introduce the perspective of being scared to act on your dreams while feeling like something is holding you back. Killa Stryder then comes in with a clean and well-executed rap verse from a different perspective. His lyrics speak about taking that leap of faith in order to achieve what you want. The goal of this song is to spread a message that encourages people to dream freely. Let’s get this message out to the world.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Themorethanevers we’re so glad to have you! What is the meaning behind your name?

Hey! Thank you guys for the opportunity! The moniker "Themorethanevers" came to me when I was about 12 years old. There was a video on youtube called Daft Hands that I was obsessed with. I drew out the words on my hands and practiced daily. Eventually, I noticed that you could spell out "morethanever". From there it grew to be an idea that anyone can be anything. I wanted to build a community of people who are encouraged to believe in themselves and try to live their best lives.

In today’s society, people are under the constant scrutiny of social media. Why is “Stubborn Dreamers” such an important song? What do you hope this song will do for people who are struggling?

Stubborn Dreamer is a reflection on what it feels like to be doubted as an artist by the ones closest to you. We've felt that doubt and we work stubbornly against it. We have dreams, we have goals, we have passions. In my opinion, the biggest waste of talent is an artist that wants to give up because they feel no one believes in them. I get that. Social Media can make you feel isolated a lot of the time. It's easy to be lost in the comments, likes, followers. I want people to hear Stubborn Dreamer and feel encouraged to keep creating. I want their loved ones to hear Stubborn Dreamer and feel inspired by their artists' dreams. Sharing art is an incredibly vulnerable experience. Social media is full of criticism and it's hard for an artist to be vulnerable. Having a community of loved ones to remind you of who you are can pull you out of that mentality before you give up. Seriously, Don't give up.

Was this a difficult song to put together because of the weight it carries? What was the process like from start to finish?

Surprisingly no. I got in touch with Grace and asked her if she'd be down to work on a project together. I had a melody prepared and that was it. I have a home studio and she was writing her lyrics while I was making the beat. She had a lot to say. We finished the beat, the vocals, and the theme of the project in a few hours. Everything just flowed so naturally, it felt like it was meant to be. The hardest part was finding a rapper that complimented Grace. I was working with Killa-Stryder on some other unreleased projects. I pitched it to him and once we had Killa-stryder on it, it was a wrap.

You’ve got a very interesting sound and genre for your music. Are there particular influences you have or somewhere/someone that inspires you?

Thank you! I like that a lot. I try to create a unique experience. I use techniques from a ton of genres. I'm truly inspired by the easy listening jazz nature of Tyler, The creator's chords, the percussion of Mura Masa and Medasin, and I blend in a lot of rich guitar recordings. I want my music to sound dreamy, euphoric, and out of this world. You know, the idea that anything can be more than ever.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

2020 is my year to explore myself. There's always a lot going through my mind and I want to expand my art. This year, Expect a lot of visuals and cinematic experiences. I want to create an immersive experience that represents what it's like to be me.