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Theo Juarez Brings Listeners Inside His Personal Journey In His New Relaxing Track, “Monday Vibes”

Emerging artist Theo Juarez blends genres to create a comfortable and casual track in his new single "Monday Vibes."

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Juarez uses his longtime musical ability to play the trumpet, paired with an immense passion for songwriting, to create music representing his reality.

"Monday Vibes" is a chill R&B tune with a jazz underlay. Juarez's ability to connect piano melodies with soft vocals and trumpet inserts truly allows him to create a unique, relaxing track that nevertheless carries an addicting beat that will draw listeners in for more. Each movement fits like waves back into each other as the song continues, and Juarez's soft voice can bring some edge and unique lyricism to pair with the trumpet and piano.

Each movement encompasses how individuals feel as Monday continues to slowly pass by and have them left with a full week to continue their struggles. By including lyrics like "My mind and heart are filled with pain and hope," audiences can become a part of Juarez's true feelings and relate to his "Monday Vibes."

With such a talent and passion for writing, playing, and creating music, we can not wait to see how Theo Juarez continues to grow as a multi-genre artist after releasing this fantastic song.

Your new track “Monday Vibes” is the perfect combination of musicality and lyrical ability. What was the creative process like when writing and composing this track?

Thank you so much. That really means a lot. So “Monday Vibes” actually came together fairly easily. It originally started off as an IG post and I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with it. It was just a groove and a melody at first but the lyrics came easily. I had family members who were really sick at the time and that put me in a mood. All I did was describe how I felt at that moment and I had a good friend of mine, James Murphy, write the chorus for me and I feel he did a really great job complementing the verses that I wrote. In the end, we still felt it was missing something so another good friend of mine, Nicco Martinez, came in and laid down some guitar. His solo at the end was perfect for the vibe of the song. I would say this song came together quicker than anything else I’ve done.

You mentioned you have been playing trumpet ever since you were very young, how would you say this impacted the type of music you listened to growing up and now the type that you strive to create?

Playing trumpet really made me expand my musical tastes. Before I started playing I was listening to bands like Linkin Park, Staind, and Three Days Grace. Although I still listened to rock my love for jazz and improvisation started to grow when I started playing trumpet but the more I learned and listened I started to see how trumpet was being incorporated into other genres. So now whenever I write any type of song I always have horns in mind and I usually try to incorporate a trumpet solo somewhere. Even if it’s something simple I like to have a trumpet in my songs. It’s where my love for music began and it really shaped my whole sound.

What would you say is the perfect setting and place that someone would be listening to your music in?

Honestly, I would say my music is perfect for just kicking back sipping on your favorite drink, or just hanging out with a few friends. I’m a pretty chill person and I think my music does a good job at reflecting that.

As you continue to release more music how do you feel your future tracks will fit with “Monday Vibes”, will new releases be similar or do you like to create an entirely new influence for each track?

I think new music I have coming out will compliment “Monday Vibes” in a way that lets listeners know it’s me but without being too similar to previous releases. I’m trying to do different genres and music with different vibes. As much as I love a laid-back groove I don’t want every song I write to have the same exact vibe but I also don’t want to change my sound too much. So I think future releases will be different but it’ll still be my style of writing if that makes sense.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I do have some new music that I’m working on. Possibly a new single within the next month so be on the lookout for it. It’s definitely a pop tune and it still needs some work but it’s nearly ready. My main goal this year is to stray away from releasing singles and actually release a full album. I’ve yet to decide what vibe I’m going for on that, I just know I want to do it. If I hustle I could possibly have one by the end of the year but we’ll see how that goes.

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