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Theolodge Makes his Mark on "Picture Me Rolling 2020"

Theolodge is the Rapper who follows one deciding Ethos: dreams don't work unless you do. It's an attitude that you could only find from an artist who has stretched his music's influential arms out as far as Paris, the Cayman Islands, and Mumbai—where the Floridian headlined the annual Totempole Music Festival. Over the years of touring and showcasing, this smooth-versifying Emcee's nomadic disposition has garnished himself popularity that's destined to expand across the globe. With a laid-back cipher-type flow, he channels from his influences that range from Jay-Z and Kanye West to Outkast and Tu Pac. With two singles already dropping this year, Theolodge is continuing his hustle for the subjugating reign over our Summer Playlist's with this year's Hip-hop offering, "Picture Me Rolling 2020."

This track's opening moments provokes an incline far back in our chairs as the affecting guitar spliced samples provide a first impression that sticks like glue. We're not sure what to expect, but when Theolodge rifles off, "got no love for these haters, ain't no need to pretend," we know we're in for an Emcee's vexed passage through some profound and provoking wordplay. As the words leave his jaws, a sense of amassing encompasses us through a low rumble that settles into existence, and then the meaty drums lay-in. Next, out of what feels like a 90's nostalgic time machine, we're transported into this Florida-based artist's mid-tempo smooth promenading verses. Here, Theolodge has raspiness in his character that polishes off his introspective—and boastful—narrative. It's not something we're surprised by, plus, it's an attitude that he's earned as we disappear into the hooking portions of "Picture Me Rolling 2020," where the budding Emcee resounds the opening motif one more time.

What's been your favorite part about touring around the world thus far, and if you could pick one place to return every year to perform in, where would you go?

Just the fact of introducing new people to your music and getting to understand different cultures. Every year must hit South of France(Cannes)

When was the last time you can remember having a writer's block, and what is a routine you trust in helping you remedy that creative wall?

Honestly, I can't remember cause I wake up and go to sleep with rhymes on my mind. Either hit the gym or go on a silent car drive to get the mind flowing and after that pen & pad.

If you could collaborate with any artist past or present, who do you think you would pick, and why?

Kanye west production- Hov, Kendrick & J cole They all took similar paths and i have something in common with them. They give you a feeling you van grab in their music and that's my focus marathon, not a sprint.

When can we expect to see a video feature for some of the most recent singles you've been putting out?

Picture me rollin video is already available via Facebook and Hallelujah video will be dropping the end of September! #ThatsKrew


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