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Theolodge Releases New Track, "Go Girl"

Welcome to BuzzMusic Theolodge! You've travelled extensively for your tours and festivals. What has been the most memorable moment or venue you've performed at? 

Radio City in Valencia, Spain. It was just a good time, and they were Screaming for encore after encore...just gave me different chills, unlike before.

How have you honed your songwriting style over time, and what do you think are the main qualities that make a song truly connect and last in the long run?

My songwriting comes from the soul. If the beat doesn’t talk to me, I won't connect to it, and I feel that part is key. Once I connect with the music, it's a chef cooking. You need people to try it out, and when they do, "IT'S OVER." 

We absolutely love your latest release! What predominant message was integrated within "Go Girl"? What inspired you to write this track?

I never really did a theme song for the ladies. I felt like I wanted all women to feel the same beauty, energy and sense of belonging as GO GIRL. Motivate all women to act and be GREAT, and plus, I grew up to Martin, lol.

You seem to be an artist that puts more thought into their lyrics than most. What can you tell us about the lyrical depth within your most recent single?

When it comes to lyrics, I can always get deeper, but the point of my lyrics is to paint a picture for you to follow along to. Painting that picture is key when creating music because you want people to connect with your words. It’s all about creating an emotion.

Thank you so much for talking with us about your new singles and creative process. Can you describe how your performances feel?

No, thank you for having me, and my shows are full of energy. When I am on the stage, it’s like a release from all the hard work of creating.

Do you enjoy live shows, or do you prefer the actual songwriting process?

LIVE performance because it's authentic and a true stage to judge an artist. I'm a realist, and I like real reactions plus we can direct people to what to like, but I like making people like my MOVEMENT.

Are there any live shows coming up in the near future?

Shows coming up in Florida, a few out-of-state shows and getting ready to tour in Europe top of the year! It’s just a lot, but my team and I are working on my calendar, and I will keep everyone posted on what is going on with Theolodge.


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