TheRawKing Has A "Sour Note" To Share

TheRawKing was a project kickstarted by singer and guitarist Steven Majano. Collectively, their energy is assertive, aggressive, and intended to deliver a certain style of post-punk alternative music. Their latest release, "Sour Note," consists of many nuanced elements, including the crafted melody, narrative, and overall energy that the track emanates.

Let's explore the rhythm and melody that "Sour Note" possesses. Upon listening, you'll release that the chosen blend of instrumentals produces this incredibly disorganized sound, which one can only assume is intended to reflect the overall theme of the track.

"Sour Note" carries a ton of lyrics that hone right into the messy mind of TheRawKing. A spectrum of emotions is delved into, with erratic expressions serving the frontline of this fierce punk/rock single. There's no escaping the perpetuated intensity of "Sour Note," as the many dark and interpersonal themes being explored were truly the driving force of the song.

All in all, "Sour Note" is the true blood-rushing, mind-boggling listening experience that any post-punk fan could find virtue in. Listen to the track in full, here.


Congratulations on releasing "Sour Note," TheRawKing! What events led up to the fruition of this single?

I wrote Sour Note around late Summer 2021 and recorded it around early November 2021. I wanted to write a song about heartache and just how I was feeling at the time. I was also in a writing space where I had major writer's block, so writing Sour Note was a nice way to get through my writing dry spell. What kind of energy were you hoping to create for the common "Sour Note" listener?

I for sure didn’t want to make it drag on, so I did it in the only fashion I know; fast and loud. I’d say even though it’s a song about heartache, it’s still energetic and punk rooted. So regardless of whether you like punk rock or not, you can either relate to it or enjoy it for what it is. What were some of the most momentous and affecting lyrics apart of "Sour Note" for you? I guess I’d have to say that very last verse that leads to the end of the song. I don’t know, like writing that part came out of thin air but it made a lot of sense to me. Maybe it wasn’t thin air? *shrugs*

Who produced the intensified, blood-boiling melody in "Sour Note"?

"Sour Note" was written, performed, engineered, mixed, and mastered (even down to the artwork) 100% by me. It’s my favorite amateur hour moment if I can be honest. I felt like a mad scientist trying to mix it and master it but once I got it I went with it. It was fun though to figure what the drums would be and how to arrange the song. I’m originally just a guitarist and punk vocalist, but I wore many hats to make this song. It was a great time for sure.

What's next for you?

I’m currently writing new songs and recording them. I’m in a headspace right now to write, write, write, so I’m gonna ride that wave. I don’t want to burn out though, so I’m really trying to learn to also take my time. Nonetheless, I got some goodies in my back pocket. I have a lot of new ideas for sure.