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Theresa Is "Under The Influence" Of New, Hypnotic Love

It's no secret that women in music are bad-asses, but what's all the more exciting are corporate executives taking the music scene by storm, and that's exactly what inspirational pop artist Theresa is doing, especially with her powerhouse new hit, "Under The Influence."

Theresa works as an advertising music executive but always carried a long-held belief that musicians could make their dreams come true no matter what phase of life they're in. The 42-year-old recording artist strives to focus on her career as a hitmaker and songwriter, but the bigger picture is to inspire individuals to follow their dreams whenever and however they please.

Time and again, Theresa proves that an undeniable work ethic and dedication to craft can land someone as a force in the modern music scene, and her latest single is no exception. "Under The Influence" is Theresa's first collaboration with Colby O'Donis (Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, Akon) and features the relatable concept of losing yourself in new love that truly consumes the mind and body.

"Under The Influence" melts our speakers right off the bat with Theresa's textured and alluring vocal appearance that passionately sings of not being able to shake a new lover from her mind. No one's arguing that this is a negative experience, especially Theresa, who grooves towards the anthemic hook and relishes the intoxication of someone's love.

The production by O.M.G. is another heated element to this track that keeps the energy at a high, especially the groovy synth-like bassline and tight drum breaks that keep the rhythm alive. Theresa later heads to the outro and chants her affection for the hypnotic lover that her mind can't stop thinking about.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Theresa. We can't get enough of the feel-good and passionate energy you've provided in your new single, "Under The Influence." When did you begin feeling inspired to create this lively new tune?

Thank you SO much for having me back!! I am so glad you love "Under The Influence"! I actually started writing the song last winter (2021). I was reading the amazing Mariah Carey autobiography, "The Meaning of Mariah Carey" and learned that her songwriting process was super similar to mine. That she comes up with songs and vocalization ideas in her head. The "ba-da-ba-da-ba-da" vocalizations in "Under The Influence" are definitely a nod to Mimi. We are both from Long Island, so I feel like we have this special bond. I was definitely "Under the Influence" of Mariah writing this song!!

What was it like working alongside Colby O'Donis for the songwriting process in "Under The Influence"? How did he help make that process easier and more enjoyable?

Colby is the coolest. We actually worked on this song 100% remotely - me in N.Y. and him in L.A. We were introduced by a mutual friend (oh hi Eryk Rich!), and we just hit it off the moment we first spoke. Colby is such an old soul. It didn't feel like this was the first song we collaborated on. He really understood the vibe I was going for - a super modern take on a 90's dance classic. He was really supportive of my experimenting with weaving my vocalizations into the instrumentation and came up with amazing ideas. I love this track. That bassline is crying out to be played on the dance floor!!

What sort of vibe and atmosphere did you want the production to emit in "Under The Influence"? How did producer O.M.G. make that happen?

Colby is O.M.G., so I've addressed the above!!

On a more personal note, do you feel that being an Advertising Music Executive gives you an advantage when creating and marketing your music? How has your day job helped your solo career?

I love my job as an Executive Music Producer at an ad agency. I love working with creative people and enjoy bringing their musical visions to life. However, it's a demanding job. I work around the clock and on weekends. And although sometimes the daily grind sucks me dry, I am reminded that I am following my dreams of becoming the biggest pop star and hit songwriter on the planet. I do my best each and every day. I am so fortunate to understand work/life balance. It's not something I was "born with," but when I started my musical evolution three years ago, I had to prioritize my life as a whole to make room to grow as a woman and an artist. I am so very grateful for this role which allows me to chase my dreams. I am always inspired by the people and the projects - every experience helps me continue to grow personally and professionally.

What's next for you?

As always, I am working on new music and plan to release new songs throughout the year. I've started playing live and have some gigs in the N.Y.C. area coming up this Spring. Overall, I feel some positive shifts coming for me - and I am welcoming them with open arms. I am ready for whatever the universe has in store!


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