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theWorst Brings the Heat With, "Yes Regrets" featuring Dana Colley

Soaring in from Portland, Maine, the trailblazing trio theWorst drops heat with the title track to their forthcoming album, "Yes Regrets," featuring the whopping baritone stylings of Dana Colley.

Led by the sweltering sounds of vocalist and guitarist Brooke Binion, alongside Will Bradford on bass and Craig Sala on drums, theWorst brings a sound reminiscent of grunge gods that came before us. Currently putting the finishing touches on their sophomore album 'Yes Regrets' with Will Holland at the legendary Chillhouse Studios in Boston, MA, theWorst are ready to release the album's first single and title track.

Diving into the title track of the album "Yes Regrets," theWorst also features the gripping sounds of Dana Colley on Baritone Sax. Also releasing a savory black and white music video highlighting theWorst's live performance and recording sessions, they bring an intense heat that sweats through our speakers.

Listening to theWorst's latest single, "Yes Regrets," Craig Sala opens the song at a mid-tempo pace with his steady drum patterns that sweeten the song's atmosphere. As Brooke Binion makes her appearance with a distorted and heavy lead guitar, she then takes us by surprise with the might and power of each vocal melody she hits our ears with.

We're deeply engaged in Will Bradford's downright gripping stylings on bass and Dana Colley on baritone that keeps the song 6 feet under our plane. Within this piece, theWorst comes together to offer the grunge and attitude of Nirvana merged with the jagged, roaring melodies of Pixies that pitch camp in our minds.

Reaching the end of this lustful, sensual, and textured single, we're more than pleased with the depth and vigor that theWorst have provided with the album's first single and title track, "Yes Regrets." Catch the album's full release this spring.

Hello theWorst and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're excited to chat about the creation of your recent hit, "Yes Regrets." Did anything, in particular, inspire you to create this single?

This song is the title track of the album, which is overall sort of a big apology for the greater part of the last decade of my life.

Speaking on the powerful and raw vocals within "Yes Regrets," was there a specific theme or message that you wanted to convey within this piece?

It’s a song about acknowledging utter defeat in life without ending up defeated. You’ve been through so much, you have nothing left, yet you’re still here. I think many people feel that way. I wanted it to convey a sense of urgency about nothing in particular.

Why did you want to feature Dana Colley's brilliant baritone stylings on your single "Yes Regrets?" What was your collaboration like?

We knew we wanted Dana on the album because we’re all huge fans of him as a musician and a person. This song was the most musically collaborative of all the songs on the album, we more or less wrote it as a band. It just seemed to fit Dana’s vibe musically better than all the other tunes, and I think we were correct in choosing this one. The process was great because we got to film some life takes at the studio with Dana and our producer will holland at the helm and our new drummer Craig Sala. Since the pandemic has sidelined live shows, we hadn’t ever played this track live. Playing it together as a band for the first time with Dana was a blast and I think we all realized the song was going to be a powerful one and Craig was the perfect addition to the band on drums.

Seeing as "Yes Regrets" is the title track to your forthcoming album, what should we anticipate from the project's entirety?

The album is a true album. The songs will be in Chronological order of When I wrote them, and it was a particularly extreme couple of years in my life. Two years of dealing with addiction, bipolar disorder, depressive episodes, manic episodes, heartbreak, loss, and ultimately maybe some primal universal hope. Every song is different and I’m extremely proud of how it’s turning out. I guess the goal is always to say something with your art, and I think this album says exactly what we intended. I Can’t fucking wait to release it. What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

That we try and give everything we have, like, we actually give a crap.



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