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They Say "NAH DO," But We Say OH YES To MILI MILZ and Ray Mitchell's Latest Hit

Independent solo artist MILI MILZ was born in Fallbrook, California, where he would be inspired by a wide range of Hip-hop artists such as Tupac, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Eminem, Ice Cube, and Lil Wayne.

Known to conceal his face with a ski mask at all performances and professional appearances, this artist stays far from the shadows as he works with Outta Control Europe and Ray Mitchell Productions.

Teaming up with Los Angeles based music producer and beat architect Ray Mitchell, the two collaborators bring the attention garnering single, “NAH DO,” to life.

Ray Mitchell began his musical journey at 12, as a bassist in a punk band. His style of music transcends genres, and he is continually pushing himself to think outside the box.

Creating the entrancing instrumentation for “NAH DO,” back in 2018, MILI MILZ took this heated record to Papertrail studio to fill out its colossal sound with the multi-faceted studio owner, engineer, and artist CALS. Dipping right into the pocket of unmatched swagger and buoyancy, MILI MILZ assaults the beat with a paramount of composure. Flexing his lyrical resilience through hard-hitting verses, we are offered up a tenacious performance from this skyrocketing artist.

The weighty punch of the entire composition as a whole sits at a high standard as we’re engrossed in thought-provoking bars that stroke MILI MILZ’s propensity for wordplay. As CALS graces this certified hit with the mesmerizing conveyance of a hook that stays on your mind all day long, you appreciate the unparalleled vitality that these three creatives bring to the record.

Through a vast amount of talent, the liveliness takes charge of your mind as you swim in a pool of incomparable jauntiness exuded on, “NAH DO.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ray Mitchell, and MILI MILZ! Congratulations on your latest hit, “NAH DO.” We have to ask, with the creation starting back in 2018, how has the connection between you two come to be?

Mili Milz: We grew up together living in southern California. Brothaz from the same Motha. So the bond is heaven-sent.

Ray Mitchell: Yeah a lot of people don’t know we are actual blood brothers, due to our skin colors being different. I am the older brother and we have always been close. After I made the transition from DJing to producing, my brother was rapping and learning his craft. I remember he would just rap straight from the dome, he got so good that he could freestyle for hours. So once we both perfected our arts, it was a no brainer to work together.

How did CALS end up being recruited for this track? What was it like working together with one another?

Mili Milz: My brother blessed me with this track and said it sounds like she is saying "Nah Do". I ran it over to the studio where Cals was. He listened to it- loved it and sprinkled his finesse. We choose Cals because of his reputation for hard choruses that have proven to be top-notch. It is always good working with Cals. He is Family. Same with Ray Mitchell. We all grew up together so it’s a very relaxing, natural/family-oriented environment when we work together. We flow like water.

Ray Mitchell: Yeah I was writing the beat and then I found a little snippet of this middle eastern-influenced vocal. The “Nah Do” vox, I was thinking like, “you know how I do”, and then we just made it our saying and it worked.

Cals went to school with my brother and they would hang out at our mom’s house on the regular. He seriously writes some of the sickest hooks I have heard, so he was an obvious choice for me as well.

Was the inspiration for, “NAH DO,” always the way that you envisioned? Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life?

Ray Mitchell: I mean for me, as far as the meaning of the vocal, that is how I envisioned it. But as far as the track as a whole, I think music is based on vibes at the time and how you are originally vibing takes shape, and forms the final version of the track.

Mili Milz: Yeah I agree, I feel like no track is ever how you originally envisioned it. Once you get that blank canvas and start painting that picture from your imagination, things change. Once Cals put that chorus in, I knew what I had to do. It was magic. As far as creative process nah do, late nights, Henny and lots of trees. Cals came up with the first part of the chorus, “all day on the boulevard trynna get my paper up, these motha f*ckaz ballar blockin". Then I matched the rhythm and altered the wordplay, to come up with, "all night on the boulevard gotta get my fetty up, got them hataz watchin".

In terms of themes and messaging, what would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you both put forth?

Mili Milz: Keep your grind up, hustled hard or go home, scared money don't make no money, aim for the stars, never give up, keep your eyes on the prize, mask up, no face no case, get your money M.O.B.

Ray Mitchell: I think my message would be: you can accomplish anything if you keep your dreams in your sights. Treat your dreams like it’s a business and you’re the CEO, hustle hard, keep learning from mistakes and successes, and continue to grow. Being stagnant is the last thing you want, try to find an opportunity with everything you do. Even if it’s a failure, you can turn that into an opportunity to learn.

What can we expect to see next from you both?

Mili Milz: Releasing a new single soon that is about our brother who recently passed away. It has a lot of memories in the lyrics and a deep melody in the beat that keeps your hairs up and really hits home. Can't wait to show it to the world. The name of the track is "My Friend" stay tuned!

Ray Mitchell: Yes this song shows a different side of Mili that we haven’t seen, it pulls at the heartstrings, the lyrics will resonate with anyone who has lost someone close to them.

As far as the piano I was awakened at 2 am, and I believe it was a message from our dead brother, this melody was in my head, and I had to get up immediately and jump on my piano to record it. I knew right after I laid it down that this had to be the basis for “My Friend”, so definitely stay tuned for that and many more in the future.



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