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“Things Are Gonna Get Better” Is An Eclectic Blend Of Sounds From James Grearson

Young producer from Whitehaven, England is James Grearson who first started producing his own music at the age of 17 and has released a few mixes on SoundCloud though his main focus is working on his craft and finding a love for the process of producing. With a variety of artists from different genres, James’ love for all types of music has shaped him into a producer that does not limit himself to one genre. Aiming to create a unique style that isn’t limited by one specific genre, James feels that “all that matters is that the listener gains the feeling of an emotional connection with the music”.

“Things Are Gonna Get Better” is a mix of electric beats, classic subtle vocals, and a driving hip-hop/pop vibe that will get you dancing and feeling good. With a mixture of sounds strewn throughout this intricately layered track, and the sole line of “Things are gonna get better”, this song is one that allows you to find your own interpretation of the eccentric and vibrant tunes. I love the deep tones of the voice that accentuate the lyrics and add a touch of emotion this already bumpin’ track. The right mixture of drums that blend well with the electric beats and rhythms that gradually builds intensity that you can really feel while listening. “Things Are Gonna Get Better” is a great song to just close your eyes and let your body take over, feel the rhythms and the vibrations of the music pulsate through, and allow emotions or movements to come out. I personally found it very easy to connect with this track on a personal level and it is a great song to have on repeat. The style of this song reminds me of Avicii and Marshmallow and the ability to warp sounds to his pleasure at ease as James Grearson has really knocked it out of the park with “Things Are Gonna Get Better”.

Listen to “Things Are Gonna Get Better” here and get to know more about James Grearson below!

Hey James! Love the sounds and vibe of your track! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? 

Hiya! I’m originally from a small town in England called Whitehaven and now I study product design at university. Before I got into producing music, I first of all got into DJing has a hobby when I was around 15 and then that progressed into music production, now I produce whenever I have a spare minute, in between all the university work hahaha

What first made you realize that music was the path for you?

When I used to practise DJing, it always fascinated me with how different songs can make people feel a certain way. The power music has is actually insane people can go from having a bad day to happy, after just listening to their favourite song. This used to happen to me, I used to put on my headphones, mix a few of my favourite tracks and the next minute I would be feeling a lot happier. I wanted to be able to create these emotions for people and that’s why I started producing music. 

What is your creative process like when creating new music? Have you encountered any challenges?

I would say first of all the biggest challenge with creating music is having patience. When I first started out, I used to get frustrated that a track I’d just spent a long time on wouldn’t sound as professional as I wanted it, but everything takes time. My creative process is all about trying to find the right sounds, to create the right vibe for the track. Usually when I start a track, I try to get a chord progression down and a bassline, sometimes even a melody. It’s all rough at this point. Once I know what vibe I’m trying to create, I then go on a sample hunt, usually on splice, which is a really good place to get samples! Then after that it’s all about piecing everything together, then it’s over to mixing, which is where the real fun starts!

Where do you currently draw inspiration for new songs from?

I find inspiration in a lot of places; it can be as simple as hearing a sample and then wanting to make a track with it. A lot of the projects I have on my laptop, are influenced by the music I listen to on a daily basis which varies a lot. I think in terms of producers that have heavily influenced me it would have to be Kygo and Avicii, their ability to tell story’s through their songs has always amazed me and it’s something I strive to be able to do one day! Also, for some reason a lot of the tracks I create always seem to have a summer feel to them even though its usually raining here in England, so maybe there’s something to that!

What’s next for you in 2019?

First of all, I have a ton of half-finished logic projects that need finished! Once they are finished, it’s all about organising my music and looking at releasing it. A lot of the tracks I’m wanting to finish aren’t of the same genre. So, I’m thinking of releasing tracks which are similar genres in EP’s, but I need to finish the tracks first hahaha. Along with producing EDM, I also produce rap beats, there’s a track coming out with in the next few months that I’ve produced which I’m looking forward to. So ‘Things are gonna get better’ is just the beginning for me in 2019 and I can’t wait to share all the other music I have in the works!


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