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This City Awaits Releases Hard Hit Single “Here Again”

The next band we’re about to introduce is a two-piece rock band with a twist on your usual rock n’ roll style. Simplistic yet intricate is the word I would use to describe “This City Awaits". They faintly remind me of the rock scene we were exposed to in the early 2000’s—of course with the bands unique twist on the genre of alternative rock. This City Awaits is gaining some serious traction lately, and they’re not letting up any time soon. 

Ready to rock n’ roll with This City Awaits? We’re doing exactly that with their new single “Here Again”—a refreshing addition to the rock n’ roll genre we have today. The single starts off with an eclectic melody, but soon introduces the blaring guitar riffs and consistent, hard hitting bass. We’ve kept track of the band for a little bit, and their evolving sound is phenomenal. “Here Again” encompasses some pretty hard hitting guitar riffs as mentioned, which complements the lyricism introduced throughout the song. The song also maintains an underlying beat that pierces listeners ears (in a way where it’s the best way possible). This particular song has really resonated with me, as a rock n’ roll lover I couldn’t help but notice the modern day melodies This City Awaits blended with the typical sounds we hear from a good quality rock n’ roll track—a risky element to add I must say, however the band executes in perfectly. The originality in this new single isn’t lacking one bit. 

Listen to "Here Again" here and get to know more about This City Awaits below!

Hi guys! Briefly introduce yourselves to our readers!

Hey! We are This City Awaits from Dallas, TX. We like to play Rock&Roll and have fun on stage.

Tell us how the two of you came together to create “This City Awaits”!

Phillip: Darah started helping me on some of my acoustic music. If I remember correctly we played 2-3 shows together and then decided to start the band. 

Do you find song writing difficult in a duo? How do you two overcome challenges and contrasting ideas?

Darah: I find song writing as a duo to be really helpful. The majority of the time i write lyrics and music for a song, demo it out and then show it to Phillip to see what his thoughts are. Some times nothing changes and some times there are some tweaks. There have also been times where i have music all lined up but can’t come up with lyrics so i will send it to Phillip and let him work his magic. It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. We tend to end up on the same page about everything. 

P: Working with Darah has become something I truly enjoy doing together. Challenges in the beginning were just keeping an open mind. I used to be quite possessive over an idea or lyrics. Learning to be open to changes have lead us to create something better than the original demo. It’s kind of become something I rely on now. She usually hears about an idea long before the demo is even put together. 

What is your vision for “This City Awaits” long-term?  

P: long term goals are to grow locally. I want to be able to play in Dallas and not only put on a great show but have a good draw.

D: I just want to keep making music in whatever ways can. I would love for it to be something I could dedicate to full time because it is something I love and a big part of who i am. 

If you could feature one artist on your next single, who would it be?

P: I love the band Thrice. To get to write a song or sing along with Dustin Kensrue from Thrice would be incredible and an honor. D: I am such a huge fan of The Veronicas. I love how they dabble in a lot of different genres and styles. I would personally be over then moon to work with them in any way. 

What's next for you?

D: We are just going to be putting out as much music as soon possible. We want to keep momentum going. 

P: I’ve recently started working on an EP that I want us to release by the end of summer if everything goes according to plan. Im considering the idea of making it more like a concept where all the songs tell a story together. I’m not sure yet, but we’ll see what happens. 


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