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This Upcoming Rapper Proves He Can Compete With The Best. Nik Moody With “Keepin Score”

All the way from Brooklyn, New York, comes Nikmoody whose an rapper, lyricist, writer, and director. It’s been over two decades now since Nikmoody has been rapping his own individual lyrics while bringing a unique perspective to hip-hop that is both poetic and psychological by nature. Although the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Atmosphere, and Jcole fueled the aggression of his pen, it was his love for Nirvana that evoked his soul. Blending the elements of grunge rock, boom-bap hip-hop, and heavy lyrical content, he began to find himself as an artist.

Nikmoody released his single titled “Keepin Score” and we absolutely loved this. The theatrical atmosphere is presented heavily while keeping a cinematic-like production. Especially in the video released alongside where the introduction gave us a climatic and hauntingly chilling plot. As the theatrics began to enhance and become more dynamic, the beat drops and Nikmoody’s aggressive delivery strikes the listener. With impressive word-play and a cohesive flow, Nikmoody can equally compete with the best of the best in the rap game right now. Not only is his skills impeccable but his appeal to the multi-faceted audiences of hip-hop was interesting. Nikmoody lyrical arrangement was compelling enough to impress the old-school hip hop heads, or even simply the conscious rappers. His style and projection can even be hyped enough to complement the trap rap that’s taking over the industry. Nikmoody was an wonderful artist we thoroughly enjoyed.

Check out "Keepin Score" here!

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