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Thomas Orlina Is Taking Time To Put Himself First On “This Time”

The LA-based singer-songwriter and mental health advocate is taking the time to care for himself. In pop music and modern society, few people are as dedicated to tackling mental health issues as Thomas Orlina.

A gay Filipino-American mental health advocate, singer, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles, Orlina has made it his mission to put mental health at the forefront of his artistic platform and use his music to make a positive difference. With his latest release, "This Time," he takes that mission to the next level.

Inspired by Olivia Rodrigo and Machine Gun Kelly, "This Time" is a pop-rock anthem that tackles mental health struggles and putting your well-being first. Co-written by Christopher Bugna, the accompanying music video (directed by Sophie Peineke,) takes viewers on a powerful visual journey, highlighting the pressures of work, rejection, emotional fears, and the abuse of alcohol, among other issues.

Through it all, Orlina's message is clear: life may be challenging, and we will occasionally fail, but we can face our challenges and come out stronger on the other side. Did you know that one in five teenagers has a mental health condition? As we approach World Teen Mental Wellness Day on March 2nd, “This Time” reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and that there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Over bright and upbeat instrumentals, Orlina sings lyrics like “I’m doing it all for me / Happy, and I’m finally free” with a positive conviction that simply makes you feel like everything will be ok. We can’t wait to see how far Orlina can go, and one thing’s for sure; we’re rooting for him.

Mental health has never been so important, and Thomas Orlina’s “This Time” proves that music can be a powerful tool to heal the soul and inspire. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “This Time,” available now on all major streaming platforms. Keep an eye out for the accompanying music video on March 2nd.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Thomas Orlina. We loved “This Time”; what an empowering piece of work! Knowing about your passion for mental health advocacy, we had to ask, when did you get the inspiration for “This Time,” and how did that happen?

Hey BuzzMusic, thanks for having me! I'm genuinely grateful to be among your amazing artists on the platform. I appreciate the kind words about my third music video, "This Time." My team and I worked hard to create a visual that was going to be impactful for the audience and resonate with people around the world who are ready to close a chapter on their past and open a new one for their future.

Last year, I dealt with some mental health issues and contacted a therapist to guide me in the right direction. I think that was when I realized this was a turning point in my life and something I needed to do for myself. After my stint in therapy, I became inspired to write a song like this to connect to my audience and share the importance of bringing mental health to the forefront.

As a Filipino-American, therapy isn't something my family has ever explored, so I wanted to show my audience that it doesn't matter what background or walk of life that you come from; seeking professional guidance is for everyone if they choose to do so. I remember getting onto my computer and writing how I felt, and the lyrics for the song came to me naturally, especially the second chorus. Once I met with my producers from MELT Music and my co-songwriter, Christopher Bugna, we created magic together.

You mentioned you have a self-produced YouTube series, “Your Time With Thomas!” Why do you think mental health is so important, and how big of a role has “Your Time With Thomas” played in your advocacy for mental health?

My show, "Your Time With Thomas," has been a place for many creative expressions. I've shared my coming out story, the challenges I've faced, and other people's stories. Regarding mental health, it is a great show to watch to get inspired on important subject matters. Mental health, now more than ever, is super important because we go through many ups and downs; we must take a step back and reflect.

Life is short, and bringing awareness to mental health reminds us to take care of ourselves to enjoy life to the fullest. The show has given me the platform to express myself and my thoughts; it's allowed me the space to meet new people and gain followers worldwide that have been impacted by the show or connect with me on like-minded aspects of what the show brings.

What inspires you to make music, and what was your favorite part of bringing the music video for “This Time” to life?

I love writing music and seeing creative ideas come to life. This is my third single, and knowing that my words can transform into a visual project and help millions of people worldwide inspires me to continue making more music. This song was the most personal I've ever written, so seeing how much emotion is in the video and how the words are so true to how I felt when I wrote them was my favorite part of the creative process.

If you wanted your fans to take one thing away from your music, what would it be?

I would want my fans and followers to see that I have always had the drive to bring my vision to life and that I am truly passionate about how my words remain impactful. Releasing my debut single, "Brush It Off," set the tone for my feel-good mantra in my music, and I'm excited to continue to elevate the sound and direction my music goes in the future.

What’s next for Thomas Orlina? Do you have any big plans for the rest of the year?

This year I have a ton of exciting things releasing. I have a fourth single dropping later this Summer that is probably the most exciting because it involves tons of choreography. The video is shot, and we have everything ready to drop.

The dance routine was inspired by my favorite artists like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber, so I'm looking forward to everyone hearing it and partying to it throughout the rest of the year! I am also working on more creative projects I can't wait to share with my audience once they're ready. I'm always working on the next thing, so you must stay tuned to find out. For all things, Thomas, follow me on my Instagram and visit my website,


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