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Thomas Orlina Says “I Want It Right Now”

Thomas Orlina, the Filipino-American virtuoso from Los Angeles, is no stranger to the spotlight.

As a singer, songwriter, host, producer, and mental health advocate, he's been making waves in the entertainment industry for over a decade. With his YouTube series "Your Time With Thomas" as his launchpad, he's dazzled audiences at studios, red-carpet events, and production gigs. His impressive social media presence and commitment to mental health, diversity, and inclusion have earned him features in prestigious publications like CNN, Forbes, and GLAAD. Thomas is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Orlina's latest single, "I Want It Right Now," is a full-on EDM extravaganza that invites listeners to strap in and prepare for a wild ride. Boasting ethereal synths and pumping bass, this song perfectly embodies that festival vibe we all know and love. It's a euphoric cocktail of sounds that will have you losing calories dancing, even if you're vibing in your living room.

From the get-go, "I Want It Right Now" transports you to a world where inhibitions are tossed to the wind, and the night is a playground of endless possibilities. The lyrics capture that feeling of being tied down for far too long and finally letting go, embracing the moment's energy. The refrain "I want it right now" becomes a mantra of pure, unadulterated desire.

As the song progresses, the lyrics evoke images of vibrant dance floors, flashing cameras, and a thirst for living life to the fullest. Orlina's voice weaves through the soundscape like a call to adventure, reminding us that there's no better time than the present to seize the day and follow our destiny.

"I Want It Right Now" is the ultimate auditory treat for anyone who loves to dance and embrace life with open arms. Thomas Orlina's unique blend of EDM, electric synth grooves, and anthemic lyrics create an irresistible, fun, and witty bop for living without regrets. Press play and let the magic of "I Want It Right Now" take you up!

Dance away with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Thomas Orlina; congrats on letting your soul free on your latest anthem, "I Want It Right Now," were there any specific experiences or emotions you drew from to develop the lyrics and theme? How does the song title embody the core message you hoped to convey to your listeners?

Thank you so much for having me! I wanted to hit a reset on my image and show off another side of me. With this new single, I think you hear a more confident version of myself, someone who's not afraid to speak up and be assertive, which is what the song is about. The song allowed me to get in touch with my emotions, build character, and create a whole new vibe to my pop music catalog. My last single, "This Time," was personal, which I think worked well with the ties to my mental health story. For this single, I wanted to shift gears, free myself from restrictions, and make music that made me want to get up, turn up the music, and dance.

"I Want It Right Now" has a captivating, upbeat energy that keeps listeners hooked. How do you approach the songwriting process to craft memorable hooks and choruses, and what role does the song title play in creating this memorable effect?

For this new single, "I Want It Right Now," I wanted to create a memorable chorus and lyrically build an easy and straightforward message. When I ideate song concepts, I try to align them with how I feel in the moment and what I think will work to capture my followers and fans personally. For this particular song, I created an anthem around celebrating confidence and embracing the idea of feeling comfortable in our own skin. I think this message has been needed for a while in my music catalog, so I jumped at the opportunity to craft lyrics that went with this theme. When you think about today's society, whether on social media or in real life, people are looking for things with immediate satisfaction. So when I came up with the title, it made complete sense to have a song that had a very bold statement and was direct.

Music videos can convey an artist's vision for a song. If you were to create a visually engaging music video for "I Want It Right Now," how would you incorporate the song title into the storyline, setting, or visual elements?

The idea behind this music video is to showcase intricate choreography. I've always looked up to artists like Britney Spears, who have iconic choreography to their songs, so that was the main concept for this video. I found the right choreographer, Kyle Thompson, who knew exactly what I was looking for, and he nailed it. We also wanted to have vibrant colors for the video to embrace Pride Month and have that electric party atmosphere. You can expect a lot of dancing throughout the video. My team and I went all out for the dance routine, and we can't wait to perform it live someday!

The lyrics of "I Want It Right Now" evoke a sense of urgency and desire. How do you hope listeners will react or relate to this message? Can you share personal anecdotes or stories embodying the song's title and essence?

When I wrote the song, I wanted to come out with a record that had a more mature sound to it. I've never released an EDM-inspired song, so I told my team we must go for it and prepare it for the summer. I think people today have less patience and are looking for what they want with fast results, so I think the song title will grab their attention more than anything and connect with them personally. The lyrics are edgier and evoke a lot of power, and I feel like that embodies where I'm at right now as an artist and a person. I don't care as much as I did before about what I felt was important; now, my life is more about living in the present, living life to the fullest, and I think that's the most relatable part.

As you continue to evolve as an artist and advocate for mental health, diversity, and inclusion, how do you see the themes and messages of "I Want It Right Now" influencing your future projects? Are there any specific goals or aspirations you're currently working towards that tie into the song's title?

Every single I've released is a story reflecting what I'm going through during that period. From my debut single, "Brush It Off," which was my empowerment era, to "Journey," which was my romance era and nod to my relationship, to "This Time," which was dedicated to mental health, I have set up my fourth single, "I Want It Right Now," to be an opener of more EDM pop songs to come. My team and I are currently working on new music and playing with new sounds and lyrics, so we look forward to sharing it with the world when it's ready. The next goal is definitely to perform these songs live on stage.


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