Thoughts Are in Overdrive with Gun Boi Kaz' Latest Single "Drove U Away"

Emo Rap artist Gun Boi Kaz is coming in hot with the release of his latest track, “Drove U Away.” Plunging into the art of music at the age of 16, he used the creative aspect of writing as an outlet and coping mechanism for life’s trials and tribulations. Inflecting Punk-inspired melodies into his musical style, he continues to keep his fan base on their toes with every single release.

Emanating the melodic hues that we discern and love, the instrumentation to “Drive U Away” trickles into a euphonious bliss that has us sedated upon first listen. The realm of soothing melodies that come flowing into the speakers is concurrently lulling and enticing as we bask in that vivacity of this mid-tempo creation.

Gun Boi Kaz is recognized for the sentiment that he transfers into his vocal performance as he echoes a tale intimately known to the young artist based on real-life experiences that leave him weak and searching for a way to channel the narrative. Bringing listeners to the edge of their seat as he serves up melismatic verses and the utmost spellbinding hook, we are familiar with the bubbly elements that sparkle in luminosity as beams of hopefulness seep through the cracks of Gun Boi Kaz’ elusively flowing universe.

“Drove U Away” lyrically brings up the question of what drove away from the apple of his eye. Fixating upon the, what if and what could have been, the heartfelt tenors that are conveyed touch on the vulnerable persona that Gun Boi Kaz is never troubled to showcase. Rhythmic in its essence, we’re familiar with the desire that is purposefully situated in each one of Gun Boi Kaz’ timeless descendants.

We see you’re back with yet another emotionally hitting single. “Drove U Away,” most definitely had us stewing in our inner thoughts! Could you please share a bit about this piece and what it means to you as the creator?

This track reflects on a pretty awful breakup and the aftermath of it. It breaks down what it’s like to have the love of your life walk out on you without knowing why. There were times where I couldn’t sleep for days on end because I’d be too wrapped up in my thoughts, wondering what made her leave. That being said, making this song was sort of a much-needed cleansing for my brain; it was a way for me to sort through my thoughts and get them out of my head for good.

Now, your last release ‘Walked Away,’ was held to a high standard on your behalf, and listeners were loving it! What differences did you find in the creative process of ‘Walked Away,’ to “Drove U Away?" Do the themes touch on a similar experience or is it a different story this time?

Both songs have very similar themes and discuss the same subject which is why I dropped them back to back. However, ‘Drove U Away’ definitely follows a more melodic/pop sound, while ‘Walked Away’ stands more on the hip-hop side. ‘Walked Away' was also a solo track which I made by myself. On the other hand, ‘Drove U Away’ was made over FaceTime with Multiszn after I met him through TikTok. Overall, the two tracks share a lot of similarities in their meaning, but also contain many differences in how they were made.

How important is it for you to showcase the vulnerable side of your art when creating these masterpieces?

I think being vulnerable is so important especially as a male artist. People go through things and most of those people don’t like to talk to others about it. And because of that, we have kids who struggle with mental health every day and go unnoticed for it. I intend to be someone who can help others realize that they aren’t alone in their struggle and that they should make an effort to be open about that sort of stuff. By being vulnerable in my content, I hope I can inspire others to do the same in their everyday lives.

You previously mentioned that you have a TON of new music coming our way in 2021. Are you able to let listeners in on what they can expect from the forthcoming releases?

Well, I just got back from a trip to Arizona where I finally filmed a music video for my most popular song, ‘Numb III’. That was actually supposed to happen last year but we had to cancel because of COVID. I also did another video for a new song and have been working on a bunch of new songs that are bound to impress. I also want to focus on branching out and trying different styles, so it’s probably safe to expect some punk-pop, melodic-trap, hyperpop, and more in the near future.