Three-FiftyNine Releases Song to Celebrate Individuality in “Runit2”

From Camden, New Jersey, Three-FiftyNine is an experimental indie, hip hop band who has just released a single called “Runit2.” Their goal as a band is to create lyrics that will make their fans want to sit down and take the time to understand their song. With each release, Three-FiftyNine dives deeper into the individuality and unique aspects of people as inspiration for their music and lyricism. They released an album labeled 'Ghost of a Scholar' in 2020, which contains the song “Runit2.”

The new release “Runit2” is an indie hip hop track that accentuates the individuality of each of the Three-FiftyNine band members. From beginning to end, the song is bringing fans new sounds and musical styles. The beat is innovative and mostly electronic, which gives “Runit2” its unique personality. The lyrics of “Runit2” are rapped in a laid-back, spoken-word style as Three-FiftyNine alternates between vocalists. The rapping is quick-paced which leaves room for large amounts of lyrics and symbolism. To name a few Three-FiftyNine brings attention to hierarchy in life as well as the obsession humankind has with economic status. With “Runit2,” Three-FiftyNine brings us a song with fresh new sounds and many important messages all wrapped into one tasteful package.

Listen to "Runit2" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Three-FiftyNine! You brought us many layers of musical and lyrical depth with “Runit2.” Can you speak more to the message behind your lyrics in “Runit2?”

Runit2 is another installment to a previous song we written called “Runit(1).” The first Runit was a song me and Azaris (my bandmate) composed and it was about whether the systematic and vast world of technological advancements and other resources revolve around humans or vice versa. I feel like we have this huge responsibility to be alive and we must truly enjoy life and not the made-up things people typically say that’s enjoyable. We run in a circuit neither of us asked for nor conjured by. with the human mind. We as people are apart of everything built and structured from tiny atoms to wide solar structures, and Runit2 expands that message even more.

What is the meaning behind your band’s name “Three-FiftyNine?” What does the title of your song “Runit2” represent?

The band name (Three-FiftyNine) came to me when I was in my high school cafeteria during a lunch period. I randomly came across a documentary on YouTube about the 1952 Olympics located in the southern capital of Finland called Helsinki. I was engaged in watching the most iconic sports moments in history, and a medical student in London named Roger Bannister, set a record for running a mile under four minutes — 3 minutes and 59 seconds, to be exact — becoming the first man ever to do so, creating a seminal moment in sports history. His record-setting feat would be surpassed many times to even more runners during the next decades as they grow faster, stronger, and better-trained. I like the idea of using this context as part of the band name because our goal as artists is to not only make music for ourselves and fight for attention, but we don’t care if we’re underrated and we never ask to be famous. Through the art we make and this metaphorical canvas we paint, we want to write songs and inspire other aspiring artists that desire to do what they love and what makes them happy and to express themselves through this form too. We just want to be real.

Vocally, you feed off of each other’s assets in the song “Runit2.”Can you elaborate on how you communicate and collaborate?

When creating songs and brainstorming ideas, me and Azaris would compromise our schedules, despite living and handling our separate lives, in order to come together and meet up for band material. Our creative process is very fluent and we always like to keep each other on the same page and share our ideas. We simply flow like a river as we go. Communication is key to any form of relationship in general; music-wise or not. It’s important to give reassurance, encourage, and lift each other’s spirits up in some way when being creative. And outside of music and behind our artistic personas, we’re also human. We like playing video games, talking about how we view the world, our hopes and dreams, Pokemon, guy stuff, and all that jazz. It feels good and a lot better to be genuine and real


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