Thrillhouse Adds His Authenticity And Flare To Deep-House In “In Ya Brain”

Powerhouse DJ and producer Thrillhouse takes the form of a 3-headed beast-like creature from the underworld. Emerging from the depths of hell to defend planet earth and deliver a distinctive brand of deep-house/electro-house music from the dark side. Over the past 7 years, audiences have seen Thrillhouse grow and evolve to become a master of his craft. In 2017, the Vancouver-based artist set out on a mission to disrupt the traditional electronic music scene and concoct a unique, genre-bending sound.

“In Ya Brain” is an entrancing, intensifying wash of noise and color. It’s industrially gritty and melodically entrancing. Production wise you really start to notice the difference between those who rush a release and those who take the time to fine tune every moment. The beat within “In Ya Brain” sounds superb, the entire soundscape does, but the beat has found itself marching perfectly between intensity and translucency.There’s next to nothing to compare it to. Those opening, slightly tribal vibes present a misleading and now exciting sense of quiet, the calm before the storm.

What’s clever about the creative production is that you don’t see the onslaught approaching, there’s no pause and subsequent heavy drop like there would be in a traditional House piece. Somehow, Thrillhouse captures and contains you within this whirlwind of audio escapism. You hardly notice the transition, but you appreciate the result. The looping build-up works brilliantly and you can easily tell that a live show would be all the more mesmerizing to witness. Absolutely worth adding to the long-term playlist, we can’t wait to see what Thrillhouse delivers next.

Check out “In Ya Brain” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Thrillhouse! How old were you when you released your very first track?

Hi! I was 26 when I released my first track.

How does your earlier music compare to your recent release “In Ya Brain”?

It doesn't really, the music I first put out was pretty amateur and I have taken it down from platforms because of that. I feel that the music I am making nowadays is a better representation of me overall.

Tell us what you want your listeners to take away from “In Ya Brain"!

I hope that it makes people dance! And that it can inspire people to create whatever comes them naturally, whether it be music or anything else they create.

When you’re not making music, what do you do?

Lately I have been on the mend from a back injury. So a lot of physiotherapy and a LOT of music. There is a lot more of coming and if I'm being honest I think it is my best yet. Other than that, video games both new and old. That is another place I get lots of inspiration from, sound design in video games can be so well done and influential that I try to incorporate that into my music sometimes.

What inspired you to keep making music everyday?

Being injured helps push me to make music every day. It is one of the only things I can physically do and it also helps keep me sane. Having an outlet to empty everything that goes on in my head is crucial and really does keep me sane. At the same time it has helped me to create my best music I have ever made so far. Before I started making music I was losing myself, partying too much and not doing a whole lot or being productive. Music keeps me grounded and gives me purpose and direction. Now it's the most important thing to me. I have 4 singles coming up, 2 of which are done and 2 that are in the works. They just keep getting better and better. 


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