Emerging DJ Thrillhouse has more New Music on the way!

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Thrillhouse is an emerging DJ and producer. Since 2017, Thrillhouse has been on a mission to change the traditional electronic scene. After recovering from a back injury, he was able to fully focus on perfecting his craft this past year and released the danceable party track “In Ya Brain”. This song received high praise from media outlets and further solidifies Thrillhouse’s ever-growing fanbase. Thrillhouse is an artist that puts more thought into his music than most, using his craft as an outlet for everything inside. Inspired by many unique sources including video games, Thrillhouse seeks a sound unlike the norm in today’s music industry. 

Although “In Ya Brain” has been Thrillhouse’s only release in 2019 so far, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty more new music on the way! Coming soon, Thrillhouse will be releasing his single “Right Now”. This will be followed by “Bad Mouth” in late December or early 2020, and soon after “Space Disco” will drop early 2020 as well! The up and coming producer is the epitome of ambitious. Working through a back injury and still managing to come out of it with a positive outlook and an incredible repertoire of new releases is exactly the kind of resilience needed to make it. We have high hopes for Thrillhouse’s much anticipated new music, stay on the lookout for more! Listen to “In Ya Brain” here and read more with Thrillhouse below!

Welcome back Thrillhouse! What have you been up to since the release of “In Ya Brain” in August? How has this single been received? 

Thanks for having me back! It was well-received got lots of positive feedback from fans, family and friends.

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