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Thrive in the Ambiance of Eminencee's Heavy Hitting Single, "Act Up"

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Eminencee is a lyrical threat, led by his faith. With similar techniques as notable conscious rappers, he touches on an array of subjects that range from world views, his stance on his journey, his different perceptions, and relatable viewpoints that convey a message to the masses.

Embarking on a phenomenal journey that continues to tie the rapper to his faith, his undeniable skills are met with his love for God. His most recent release hits it out of the park with a double impact on both the sonic and visual spectrum. “Act Up,” tours us through the magnitude of energy that Eminencee portrays through his carefully crafted verses, as he attacks the beat with a flow that is custom to how he perceives his journey.

Giving listeners only a mere taste of what goes on inside his mind, the visuals speak into the creativity that allows Eminencee to elevate through a saturated industry as he remains uniquely himself. Taking our attention to the filmic component before us, Eminencee can be seen in a city landscape with his eclectic fashion reflecting the abstract thoughts his mind propels forward.

We admire how everything he puts forth is a reflection of what is authentically him. Utilizing the transition effects as we pan from the various scenes he’s showcased in, there’s a psychedelic appeal to the entire cinematic approach that has us hypnotized as to what is transmitted through the speakers and screen.

“Act Up,” directly exudes the colorful side of Eminencee’s charisma, as we also tap into the cognizant essence of the words he powerfully commits to. It is no wonder why the old-school quintessence of his roots is on full display as he successfully navigates through the new wave of Hip-hop.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Eminencee, and congratulations on the release of the music video and single for “Act Up.” We can’t help but feed off of the powerful energy you put forth. What inspired the lyrical message that you weave through in this song?

"Act up" was inspired. I'm at a point in my life where my gift is peaking and the gift will never descend as long as the love and passion will power to be the greatest. I feel like I'm in the top 5 dead or alive in Hip-Hop.

What was it like filming the visuals for “Act Up?" Did your vision get portrayed the way that you had imagined?

I leave that strictly for my videographer. I'm just an instrument waiting to be used and placed. That's his field I might put in small input of what I like and what I feel comfortable with.

How do you allow your faith to speak into the music that you create? Do you find that’s your biggest motivation when bringing songs to life?

The gift moves by faith. Sometimes I don’t know what’s going on the gift has a mind of its own. God put the gift there so no matter what faith will be documented whether it’s subtle or blunt.

How does your latest album, 'Colors' compare to the tracks heard on your album ‘Grateful?'

'Colors,' the previous album to 'Grateful',' displays different messages and feels totally different, and brings about a different mission. "Grateful' was a bit of a personal journal or diary.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

To reach the world to let people know we are hereby purpose, to make purpose popular. It's cool to be yourself and do what you are created to do. God is simple.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

More visuals and a documentary and plenty of projects for the soul to digest.

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