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Throwback Track “Hindsight” By Mark Larenz Delivers All the Retro Vibes

Mark Larenz is a talented singer/songwriter/composer from Phoenix, Arizona. Born in 1996 as an only child, Mark struggled with being lonely but found his passion for music through this struggle. He started off writing raps after his experience in writing poetry but slowly made the transition to a vocalist. Not only does Mark Larenz write all of his own lyrics but he also produces the music. A skilled piano player, this talent led him to production. Mark’s influences include Sarah Vaughan, Chaka Khan, Ramsey Lewis and Roy Ayers. His jazz influence fused with a funky and soulful flare give his songs a retro vibe.

Mark Larenz’ newest release “Hindsight” has me grooving at my desk. From awakening flutes to jazzy drums, smooth vocals and catchy melodies, Mark has created a hit. The soul-filled energy that comes blasting through the speakers is sure to gain attention. Mark’s vocals are timeless and transporting, at such a young age he’s able to captivate audiences with his unique and eclectic sound. I can really hear his Ramsey Lewis influence in this funky jazz/R&B track. “Hindsight” is about exactly what the titsl insists. Mark sings, “Hindsight is always 20/20, that’s what people say”. This song is about losing a loved one, we should not take anything in life for granted, and we should live for the moment and live fully today so we don’t carry these heavy regrets. Emotional, vulnerable and harmonically-rich, “Hindsight” is a song for everyone. Mark Larenz knows how to relate to his audiences and fans. Mark’s efforts to recreate a retro sound have succeeded and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next! Stay on the lookout for Mark Larenz.

Listen to "Hindsight" here and get to know more about Mark Larenz below!

Hi Mark! What do you owe your retro style and musical interest to?

Hip-Hop was always the dominant culture  for me growing up, and the samples used in it came from that era. When I started crate digging, I recognized the source material and fell in love with the lush sound of those records. Also, my very eclectic godmother introduced me to jazz, classical and Motown

What was your upbringing into music like? How did it start?

I wanted to be singer as a child, but I hated my voice because I wanted to sound grown. My mom had me take piano lessons as well, but I wanted to make fully produced songs. I‘d listen to CDs/radio, but it wasn’t enough for me to just listen. I wished I had the means to express myself the way those artists could. And now in adulthood, I can.

What’s your writing/composing process like?

I seldom ever just sit down and push a song out. You have to let it grow over time. I write to acknowledge the feelings I’m afraid to in my life. When composing, I use my midi keyboard to produce, then I’ll export a score and find a musician who can play it. Some virtual instruments sound like the real thing but other instruments need the human touch.

Can you tell us about the meaning behind “Hindsight”?

Someone I loved had passed away, and the year leading up to that we weren’t even talking. The last time was the last time. I wished things had ended differently. For “Hindsight” I wanted to convey the euphoric yet sad feeling attached to nostalgia and “harping” on the past, hence why you hear the harp glissandos in the end. 

If you could perform at any venue in the world, where would you choose?

The Blue Note jazz club in NY :)


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