Thundering New Record From Curt Cannabis Grasps Your Emotions

Curt Cannabis is a band that thrives on personal relationships with the music. They have fronted for bands that include Wolfgang and From Adam and have since produced songs for other garage bands that have gained praise from Grammy-winning artists. Recently Curt Cannabis released the single "Falling Sensation" and it is exactly what we are hoping for.

"Falling Sensation" features massive sounding drums with thundering toms, energetic crunchy guitars, a deep rock-solid bass line, and a beautiful vocal that has encompassing melodies that soar over the other instruments. Every little detail of "Falling Sensation" has obvious care for attention and it simply works well together. The guitars can maintain an epic riff that compliments the bass and gives a constant push in energy that the drums then spice up. The melodies of "Falling Sensation" are incredibly memorable is what completes the track to feel whole. The lyrics paint a colorful but almost tragic story of loss on the dynamic canvas that is set up. The vocal performance has a very honest and raw emotion to it that is instantly connectable on a deep level. We can't wait to hear what else Curt Cannabis will be putting out this year.

Listen to "Falling Sensation" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Curt Cannabis! We can't stop jamming to "Falling Sensation! What was the songwriting process like for it? What had inspired it? Curt: I pay attention to what goes on around me and use what inspires me. It's about real life.  sometimes life sucks, sometimes it seems perfect. Learning to balance those two things Is the trick. I write the songs with basic drums, bass, and guitar. Then give each one without the instrument they play.  they have total freedom to what they do.  Then fine-tune it.

Dinger: We didn’t really have time to overthink it. I think that approach really captured the sound. It really sounds like a band on record. Guitar wise there are a lot of influences maybe some are more obvious than others”.

We heard you do the production yourselves, what was that process like for you? Were there any challenges faced?

Bundy: Logistics of getting the tracks recorded was probably our biggest hurdle. When I came aboard I was playing in various projects so schedules were an issue.  We ended up tracking in four different studios during the creation of the CD before sending it to be mastered.

Call: Having control of the recording process is both liberating and scary all at the same time. It was fun working with the songs and trying to find the right place for the groove to push the song forward and still capture what the song is about. Driving the song to keep a connection with the song's core and still maintain something either fresh or at least uplifting is a hard place to be. As the drummer, I always enjoy the challenge of that task, but sometimes we just need to say it's time to not overthink it and just enjoy being in a rock band and letting that happen because we can.

Your sound is very familiar but with a modern touch, what was the inspiration for the sound of the band? Were there any influences? Curt: There is nothing new under the sun, I just added me into the mix.  then gave the other guys the freedom to add themselves. 

Dinger: I don’t think there was any particular style or sound we were going for. Curt had the songs and we just played what came naturally. We didn’t really have time to overthink it. I think that approach really captured the sound. It really sounds like a band on record. Guitar wise there are a lot of influences maybe some are more obvious than others.

With having quite a few releases out as both solo artists and a band, how has your sound evolved since when everyone started? Do you see it transforming into anything in the future? Dinger: With having a history of playing together, I think we have something very special. There are some songs that may be brought into the ‘Cannabis Zone’ from days past. I’m excited about what the future may hold. 

Curt: Two heads are better than one. And four head should make some fun music. It’s nice to have friends to bounce ideas off of.