Tie Bond Delivers a Lush and Tropical Vibe With Latest Single "Palm Trees"

Tie Bond started off as an athlete but eventually fell in love with music. Tie Bond has always had a love for making music and looks up to the artistic offerings of Wiz Khalifa, Raine Maida, and Drake.

Tie Bond recorded his first professional single "Palm Trees" in Toronto, working with music engineer Myer Clarity. He then went on to shoot and release the "Palm Trees" music video in the summer of 2019, with Director Chris Cordova. Tie Bond recently stayed a month in Los Angeles, working with various artists from the popular group Taylor Gang, recording new music for an early 2020 release. We had to recognize the tough work-ethic and fruitful conduction of his music that resonates highly well with the listeners. Tie Bond knows how to reel you in with his refreshing melodies and refined beats that give him an upper hand on the competitive music industry that’s taking over right now. The way he ensures he remains constant and relevant is by changing his sound with each release. With the release of “Palm Trees”, Tie Bond hoped for an exclusive visual experience from the perspective of the listener. Tropical and refreshing elements are staples to Tie Bond's sound, and we know that he'll be able to transcend further as an artist using these elements throughout 2020!

Listen to "Palm Trees" here.