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Tiger KiD Wants You To Let Go And Embark On A Liberating Journey On “Drive”

The LA-based rock outfit wants you to have the courage to start your journey for a better future.

In a world where artists are often scared to evolve and experiment, Tiger Kid, also known as Michael Canton, wasn’t afraid to buck the trend. Formerly a rock solo artist hailing from Los Angeles, California, Canton broke away from his previous endeavors, transforming his one-man act into an influential 5-piece band. This evolution allowed the new Tiger Kid to reach musical heights it had not seen before, channeling the raw energy of late 90s hard rock and striking a masterful balance with the contemporary sounds of alternative music. The result was

The new iteration of Tiger Kid is comprised of the visionary Michael Canton as the lead vocalist and guitarist, the exceptional talents of Gaston Brey on lead guitar, the incredibly skilled Keith Erickson on drums, the electric Cason Cohen on bass and vocals, and the excellent Anna Montgomery on keyboards and vocals. As one would expect from this gathering of considerable musical talent, this expanded lineup brings depth and versatility to Tiger Kid’s sonic landscape, enhancing and diversifying its musical vision, something apparent in its new releases.

According to Canton, Tiger Kid’s latest release, “Drive,” encapsulates the yearning to escape from various aspects of life, whether it be a suffocating relationship, a dead-end job, or simply feeling trapped in the monotony of everyday existence. The song beautifully portrays the desire to leave it all behind, jump into a car, and embark on a liberating journey toward a better future.

Over vigorous instrumentals led by synths reminiscent of nostalgic rock n’ roll, lyrics like “I don't wanna waste my time with all your lies / I just want to close my eyes and drive” are delivered with a hopeful, empowering cadence that leaves you feeling like every dream, every rebirth you can imagine is attainable.

With their irresistible blend of rock styles and infectious energy, Tiger Kid is poised to make a lasting impact on music scenes everywhere, and we can’t wait to see how far they’ll go. Tap in and stream Tiger Kid’s “Drive” out now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tiger Kid! We loved “Drive,” the song's feel was so inspirational, but it also felt so catchy! Could you take us through your creative process with this song?

Thanks for having me! “Drive” was a 50/50 collaboration between myself and my good friend/musician/composer/and Tiger Kid Producer Bert Selen. We wanted to bring both of our songwriting styles together and see what we could create, and the outline for “Drive” emerged after our first writing session.

So, you mentioned that Tiger Kid used to be a solo act. What was it like to join a band for the first time, and how does your new dynamic help you make music?

It’s been quite the journey from when I first started Tiger Kid solo to its current five-piece form. At first, it was everyone simply learning the parts, but the more we played as a unit, the more individual each part became. Some of the songs now are arranged slightly differently or have unique embellishments, only making them better. The new music coming out of the whole band now has so much more complexity and layers, both instrumentally and vocally.

Do you all have a favorite musical memory as a group?

It was the first time we played in our new rehearsal space, and we could hear all of the vocals and backing vocals well, seemingly for the first time. We have 3 part harmonies on most songs, so it hit us in the face when we could finally hear them over the music, and it also showed us that the vocals were a weapon as much as the music was.

How would you describe your music to a listener who hasn’t heard your music before?

We are a rock band, but we sail a few genres. Much of my writing style is rooted in the late 90s, early 2000s Alt-rock scene, which bleeds through in multiple ways. The intros are immediately catchy, the chorus is massive, and we have excellent, multi-layered vocal harmonies everywhere. The most recent addition of synth opens many more doors while remaining a rock band at our core.

What’s next for Tiger Kid? Do you have any goals you want to accomplish by the end of the year, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

With the release of Drive, we plan on promoting it as hard as we can and backing that up with tons of live shows. We’re hoping to tour a bit over the summer and start branching out into other states by the end of the year. Festivals are the short-term goal, as Tiger Kid is made for festival crowds. We appreciate all the love and look forward to seeing new faces and winning over new fans. Say hi on Insta, stream us on Spotify, or ask Alexa to play songs by Tiger Kid. We’re thankful for each stream.


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