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Tik Tok Star Jordan Rys Emits a Sonic Ride of Danceable Melodies in, "She Want Me Bad"

Jordan Rys is the embodiment of Pop music. He is known for his artistic talents that combine urban elements with smooth vocal melodies. The music portrayed at the age of 22 reflects on accounts of emotional, relatable, and raw messages that have translated to be relatable for listeners.

Currently, a thriving Tik Tok star with over 1.5 Million followers and experience in the music industry as the frontman for duo Three Guests Jordan Rys is in the midst of starting his solo career as an artist.

Incorporating hard-hitting emcee-like verses into the tantalizing tones of the danceable, “She Want Me Bad,” we find ourselves instantly engrossed in the soothing timbres that Jordan Rys exposes us to. With this single being his debut introduction into the launch of his solo career, Jordan Rys produced this track to embody the definition of infectious grooves with sub-bass that won’t quit.

Drowning us in a lively amalgamation that hops into an upbeat tempo, Jordan Rys portrays positive vibes that have you flocking to the colossal persona of Jordan Rys in, “She Want Me Bad.” Creating this song for his audience to be immersed in a dance-forward ambiance, Joran Rys sought inspiration from his girlfriend to bring to life a track about the feelings of being in love.

As we sink into our seats in order to capture the all-inclusive experience that he provides with a lyrical expedition, perfectly timed rhythm, and spellbinding descants, there is no doubt about it, Jordan Rys has won us over in this immersive experience of musical delicacy. Sweeping us into a joy ride that we don’t want to disembark, we think that we’ll click replay on, “She Want Me Bad.”

Congratulations on the debut of your solo career with, “She Want Me Bad.” How does it feel to finally have this single out into the universe?

I’m very grateful to have the ability to release music and people hear it. I don’t take it for granted and I’m excited to break the ice as an artist!

How did the creative process vary for “She Want Me Bad,” versus your other musical creations available?

"She Want Me Bad," is one of my simpler tracks. There isn’t much deep meaning and it was simply made to put a smile on your face and encourage you to move.

You mentioned that you take influences from numerous genres into the music that you create. Which artists tend to inspire you the most?

Right now, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Anders are some huge inspirations for me. The first two being legends in my opinion and the third being a pioneer for a better sound.

You almost went with 808’s instead of sub-bass on this particular record. Can we expect to hear 808’s on your next track? What do listeners have in store?

I’m surprised you knew that about this song haha! I am definitely a big fan of 808’s, so yes you will definitely be hearing many booming 808’s in my future tracks. I also have a lot of ballads and EDM tracks as well. I plan on being very diverse.

What's next for you?

One thing I have worked on in life is to work on not having many expectations. I’m not sure what’s next for me in life, but I’m confident it’s going to be amazing. I am very content and pleased with today and I look forward to each day to come.


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