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Tilly Releases His Newest Hit Single, “Shit Hype”

Tilly is an artist from the Bay Area of California who recently dropped his first visual that had everyone hyped! The title of the song? “Shit Hype” and it’s bound to get you in a mood you won’t regret! For me, I love listening to rap music with aggressive trap beats and intense delivery. The club-bangers is what I call these! “Shit Hype” has this vigorous energy you can’t help but love. The aggression and velocity in which the production of this record moves in is unforgettable and highly cultivating. It isn’t just the production of “Shit Hype” that keeps you on your toes! It’s the piercing bars, witty charisma, and unique articulation from the lyricist, Tilly. Tilly represents the charismatic hip-hop culture and the dynamically driven mainstream records that are killing the charts right now. “Shit Hype” is the type of record I would play in my car stereo to catch a more lit type of vibe. Or even at a local function, or house party to get everybody fulfilled with dope energy and good music! “Shit Hype” is a well-polished record with a consistent relentless approach throughout the single. This eclectic and complexed hit record is bound to create waves in the game and we can’t wait to see the success Tilly receives from it!

Listen to Tilly's new song "Shit Hype" here and connect with Tilly on social media!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tilly! Mind telling our readers a little bit about your upbringing and background?

I’m from the Bay Area California. I started doing music 2010 during high school. I never been consistent with it just kind played with it on and off. I’ve decided this will be the year I put some effort into making music and then I made shit hype. It’s actually first video I’ve dropped.

In what ways have your upbringing impacted your style of music?

Growing up I’ve always been a upbeat kind person, I like to move around and have fun. Shit hype is a hype song it’s made to get you pumped up and ready.

How does “Shit Hype” serve as a reflection of your artistry?

It's hype, it’s fun perfect time for the summer time!

What was your favorite moment in creating this record Tilly?

My favorite moment was making the video. Me and all my friends got together and had a mosh pit, jumped around and when you watch the video you can just feel the energy we have while watching it. 

What’s next for you?

Since I’m really just starting back up. I’m just gonna continue to stay consistent in dropping my visuals and musics. That way I can build a fan base. If you follow me on my socials I’ll most of my updates with my music there.


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