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Tim Bond Takes Heartfelt Instrumentation to the Next Level With “Beyond The Trail"

Tim Bond shares personal stories through enchanting acoustic guitars, as well as through other genres such as Latin, classical, flamenco, tango, blues, world music, and progressive guitar. Tim expresses his wondrous guitar styling on his first single, “Beyond The Trail”. He was born into a family of seasoned musicians and entertainers. Being surrounded by such an innovative and driven family helped Tim to understand music from several perspectives.  At the age of 14, he became determined to practice until he could successfully channel his narrative through the guitar. This brought Tim to Austin, Texas, playing private events, corporate company parties, restaurants, and One World Theatre.

“Beyond The Trail” perfectly showcases Tim Bond's talent. He creates a pure-hearted melody to emotion. He explains that the song represents overcoming struggles and keeping the faith.  Listeners can clearly hear his efforts through changes in tempo about halfway through the song. His technique sounds as though it’s straight out of a movie soundtrack. His purposeful strumming and graceful picking inspire thoughts of tranquility, hope, and good times. With styling that appeals to a wide age range and variety of cultures, it’s difficult not to appreciate his intricate mastery of the acoustic guitar. "Beyond The Trail" is a breath of fresh air and is the perfect song for your self-love meditative playlists.

Stream "Beyond The Trail" here.



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