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Tina Barrett Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve For Her Debut Single Release

Off The Row Studio's newest Breakout Artist Tina Barrett is a songwriting force with a blend of influences, including Brandi Carlile, Carole King, and Miranda Lambert. Saying that songwriting helps her process her feelings and find joy, Tina Barrett has music in her DNA as her musician father inspired her to step into this career path and passion.

Having been discovered by Nashville-based recording studio Off The Row's A&R team through social media, Tina Barrett is now making her debut as an artist with her first single, "Lovin You Is Easy."

The soothing acoustic essence of a genuine country approach is always a pleasure to hear through your speakers as you take in the composition. That's exactly what we get when turning on "Lovin You Is Easy." Once Tina Barrett's buttery vocals enter the speakers, you're graced with an airy and effortless performance that still manages to convey some of the most authentic passion we've ever heard.

The beautifully crafted lyrical motifs float in with poise, and we can't shake the poignant fashion that Tina Barrett has instilled into this record. Being a bolstered debut for any artist to first showcase their craft to the world, we find that Tina Barrett drives home this piece with the maturity and subject matter she addresses. Pairing this with the musical foundation, the heartrending hues shine brightly in "Lovin You Is Easy."

Welcoming you into the comfort and familiarity through Tina Barrett's energy, the aura of this up-and-coming starlet, has us feeling uplifted and grateful. Be sure to immerse yourself in Tina Barrett as she freshly introduces her talents and continues to work hard at winning us over one song at a time.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tina Barrett, and congratulations on your debut into the music industry. We love the approach you took on "Lovin You Is Easy." What inspired you to make this the debut for your craft?

I am so excited to be welcomed into the music industry. It has been my lifelong dream to be a part of such a connected community of people. I was inspired to make "Lovin You Is Easy" my debut song because it is uplifting and positive and shares a message about love that often gets lost in music today. Love doesn't have to be flashy. Love truly is getting to know a person for who they are, flaws and all, and becoming their biggest fan. The little things in life really lead to and celebrate love. Dancing in the backyard under the stars. Walking on the beach at sunset and feeling the breeze together. Eating a pizza. Drinking a cup of coffee. Things like that make up a life of love. Love has many shades of meaning. Most people will listen to this song and think it is about loving a person in the traditional loving a life partner. But that isn't what inspired this song. I actually wrote this song for my best friend. She and I have a profoundly deep relationship and I love her as my friend, like my sister. We have been through a lot together in life and I wanted to write a song to honor that. So Loving You is Easy is really about all of the things that we do together that I love and that make us who we are as best friends. But as with any art, a song is filled in by the listener. So my hope is that people will listen and just smile and be reminded of the simplicity of falling in love with someone, whoever that someone is.

How many songs did you write before deciding to release this single and share your artistry with the public?

Surprisingly not very many. I have been "writing" songs for a long time. However, I have a lot of unfinished work. Things I've started and stopped. I would say I have probably completed about 12 songs in total. Currently, I am going through the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It is a book that takes creatives through practices that will in turn help improve and develop their craft. This book has been used by all types of creatives: writers, painters, etc. It really is amazing. I am working on writing every day as a practice. My goal is to write twenty new songs in the coming months.

What does "Lovin You Is Easy" mean to you as the creator?

I touched on this in the first question. However, "Lovin You is Easy" is all about celebrating the simplicity of falling in love. So many times we overcomplicate things. We try too hard. You don't have to try that hard to love someone. It can just happen. You do have to do simple things to show love. But really those things are just simple. It really is about heart and thought.

What's your mission statement as an artist? What motivates you to keep going every day?

This is such a great question! Thank you for asking. I actually recently challenged myself to write a mission statement as part of one of my daily practices to help me stay focused and write songs that are true to me. My mission statement is: I am a passionately uplifting Contemporary Country music artist with a soulful Americana blend full of heart, genuine lyrics, and simple yet profound melodies to bring hope, bravery, and empowerment to people seeking a positive view of our overwhelming world. It motivates me to write songs for people so that they can see the beauty in the world. I am motivated to write songs to the girl who is fighting battles to tell her that she can overcome it because I have. I am motivated to write songs to the waitress that will help her realize that her life is worthy and matters. I am motivated to write songs that make people smile and remember the good things, that help people to focus on the positive things in life. I am currently writing a song about how forgiveness has made me a whole person. These are the kinds of messages I desire to communicate with the people who listen to my music.


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