Tinashe The Artist Gives Us a Melodic Vibe That Will Set the Mood Right in “Spend The Night”

The minute we heard the instrumentation of this single, we knew we were going to fall immensely in love. Tinashe The Artist released the single, “Spend The Night" which was decked with soaring melodies and relatable lyrics floating on top of a smooth-acoustic guitar and an R&B aesthetic fused within. It doesn’t take long for Tinashe The Artist to have his listener singing along with him. The hook was addictive and contagious. It instantly became magnetic to our memories and had us repeating it over and over with the captivating melody that went alongside it.

“Spend The Night” was as invigorating as the theme of the song, inviting you into the vibes it’s delivering. “Do you want to spend the night? Do you want to sip champagne?” the lyrics sing. Based on this, we were able to come to the conclusion that “Spend The Night” is a relaxing song that’s about enjoying the moment and becoming casual with another companion. It’s the perfect song to play when you’re trying to get the mood right with a significant other. The chemistry you feel with the music will radiate through the chemistry you feel with another person. It’s highly addictive and the musicality is like a drug! This satisfying and riveting song will no doubt in our minds drive great traffic into the artistry and style of Tinashe The Artist.

Listen to “Spend The Night” by Tinashe The Artist here.