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Tino Cruze Showcases His Artistry With “KSOW”

Tino Cruze is a 26 year old from Iowa who started making music when he was 17 years old. His uncles were rappers so he tried to follow their footsteps and his dad also played the keyboard so music was always in his family. He currently resides in the breezy state of Washington!

Tino Cruze released his latest single titled KSOW (Kickin’ Shit Our Way) and this was the musical reassurance we need to say Tino Cruze is up next! The way he lyrically delivers this song is impeccable. His flow is absolutely fire and I’m a huge fan of it. Nowadays, there’s not many lyricists in the rap industry. It’s something we’re lacking heavy. And by lyricist, I’m not talking about somebody who just creates consciously intellectual raps but an artist who knows how to appeal to the mainstream rap crowd by curating infectious and catchy lyrics that doesn’t necessarily have to be eye-opening or motivational, but also keeping a balance with a metaphorical intelligent approach.

“KSOW” is an iconic record I can find myself adding to my “Car Ride” playlist because the beat itself is perfect for a speaker banger. Who doesn’t love “Feel-good” rap music where everything feels raw and uncut but also contagiously impactful? It’s charismatic nature propels forward through the music and gives Tino Cruze a unique star appeal we feel will be an advantage for him in the long run. “KSOW” was a perfect song to showcase the level of talent Tino Cruze has as an artist!

Listen to “KSOW” here and get to know more about Tino Cruze below!

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far?

The biggest challenge has been getting support from the people closest to me. I moved to Washington and everyone here showed me love but back home not as many people support like i thought they would

Tell us about “KSOW” and the meaning behind it!?

KSOW stands for Kickin’ Shit Our Way

It’s the first time i actually got out of my comfort zone. I had a lot of fun making that song and a lot of inspiration from different artist

What inspired you to write “KSOW” ?

I had a friend that i featured on the song and he was going so hard with his music and his grind that it motivated me to do something different and step it up and that led to me making this song. I didn’t want to rap about having money and shooting and stuff like that because I’ve heard those stories plenty of times by other artist even some who don’t live that life. I wanted to keep it as realistic as possible.

Do you have any key influences for your rap style?

Definitely the kush and orange juice by Wiz Khalifa, dom Kennedy, curren$y and just other artist that taught me that i don’t have to rap about guns drugs money and violence. I looked up to a lot of artist who were talking about things that i could actually relate to in life because i could always listen to their music and it never got old.

What’s next for you through 2019?

Keep people listening and A lot of new music i plan to stay as consistent as possible.


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