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Tinu Adams Releases Hot Single "Gone"

Atlanta based artist, Tinu Adams is a singer-songwriter that is originally from New

York. At the age of 11, she started songwriting and that’s when she first fell in love with

music. Currently, Adams is working on new projects and is prepared to enter the music industry, hoping to inspire her listeners with her music. Tinu’s style is unique due to her raspy voice along with influences from Nigerian singer Asa, Amy Winehouse, and Erykah Badu.

A laid back vibe starts off Tinu’s track titled, “Gone”. The sounds of mid boards

and synths along with a somewhat pop rhythm makes for an interesting genre that is

definitely a style of her own. The closest description of the genre would probably be

alternative with slight hints of pop. The melody of "Gone" is unique combining verses where she speaks with an overlapping harmony creating a cool effect. Tinu's lyrics are concise and blunt when talking about the subject which seems to be an ex who has cheated on her and she is finding her strength of not wanting or needing them. Tinu has a very unique tone and quality to her voice making it a statement and sets herself apart from other artists. Tinu Adams is a very talented artist and will surely bring great music to the table with her upcoming projects.

Don't forget to check out Tinu's "Gone" here, and give the artist's exclusive interview below a read!

How would you describe your genre of music? You have a very unique sound that we love!

To be honest I don’t categorize myself under a specific genre of music. I have a soulful voice but I can create R&B, Pop, Jazz, dance and many more styles of music. My goal is to use my voice to create something different, connect to different demographics, and define my own style but not limited to a specific genre. 

What made you do some of your verses (in “Gone”) with you simultaneously speaking and singing?

The speaking part of the song was impromptu, I was feeling it in the moment while I was recording and I just threw it in there. “Gone” was initially a freestyle I did on the beat of the song; I ended up turning the freestyle into a full song, switched up the lyrics and went with the flow of the beat based on how I felt. 

What inspires you to song write in general?

Song writing helps me express myself in many ways I can’t express myself in person, it helps me tell stories about myself and things we all go through in the world. I want my music to connect with many out there who might be going through many things I write about and I want my music to help people heal and feel good in general. The instrumental of a song  also inspires what I write about, I am able to tell a story based on how the instrumental makes me feel. 

How long did it take you to write, “Gone”?

Less than 30 minutes. 

What made you move to Atlanta, and has this influenced how you write your music?

I moved to Atlanta to pursue my music career and follow my dreams as an artist. I feel like Atlanta is a great place to be right now for upcoming artists and I would have a better opportunity to network, build my brand and put myself out there. Moving to Atlanta has not influenced how I write yet but I’m always excited to try something new. 


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