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"Tiptoe" Around Waterfalls With Bernardine's Latest Single

Born and raised in Perth, Australia, Bernardine’s sound is a home-grown culmination of live and electronic instruments, handpicked and layered to immerse the listener in twilight euphoria.

Her roots in classical music have been intertwined with electronic nuance, allowing her to create the intriguing indie-pop anthems that illuminate the airwaves today. The evolving inner world of the singer-songwriter is conveyed blissfully through her dreamlike, minimalist, and melodious style.

The smooth embrace of her latest single “Tiptoe,” has us feeling the liberating vibrations that Bernardine intends for us to bask in with the sonic route explored.

Allowing us to lounge in the euphoric soundscape that entrances us with heavily influenced funk-fueled grooves, there’s an impeccable blend of push and pull that resonates with us in “Tiptoe.”

Harboring a select series of notions that emphasize the emancipating hues from within herself, there’s a captivating method to the way Bernardine presents her thought-provoking timbres. Introducing us to a carefree spirit that has us swimming in lyrical motifs such as, ‘I heard you tiptoe, into a waterfall and you got soaked and what for,’ what Bernardine puts on display is a dazzling conveyance of vulnerability that has come to the surface.

Paired with eye-catching visuals that lure you into the journey one travels when seeking out the nature of the world, there’s a connection that stems from both the sonic and visual components as the two amalgamate for the ultimate breath of fresh air. Bernardine proves to us that there’s no stone she will leave unturned, and for that, we admire her bravado.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Bernardine. The entire concept of “Tiptoe,” has us interpreting the song’s deeper meaning on a spectrum that we can’t wait to officially dive into! In your own words, what does this song mean to you?

To me, this song is about giving yourself permission to shine. I think we sometimes hold back from the spotlight so we don't hurt others' feelings or steal anyone's thunder, so I wanted to write this song to remind myself that you don't need anyone else's permission except your own to succeed and that it is OK to be in the spotlight regardless of what other people may think about it.

We love the themes of freedom that stem from the music video! Could you please take us into what the creative concept behind your vision was? What was it like filming this piece?

My filmmaker Patty Sway was so awesome to work with. I explained to her the story that I wanted to and she immediately got my vision. Together we were able to create a story of a whimsical forest road trip that resembled a new adventure for the characters. I wanted to show that the outcome of giving yourself permission to succeed results in exciting new adventures in life.

When it comes to your direct surroundings, do you feel like the sound your music has is shaped by the place you live? What other musical or non-musical influences do you take into creation?

My sound is definitely shaped by the freedom I experience living in Perth, Australia. Perth is a pretty large city but it is an isolated paradise on the West coast of Australia that is the perfect balance of metropolis and nature. I imagine my music being swept up on the Perth airwaves and it really inspires how I write and sets the tone for the energy I want to share with people through music.

What would you like your fan base to take away from the messaging in “Tiptoe?"

For whoever is listening, I would love you to never tiptoe around others. Live bravely and loudly, don't apologize for being you, and shine bright!

What's next for you?

I'm creating another vlog series this Spring for my YouTube channel and I will be releasing another single in the Summer. Also, I am exploring plans to release an album in 2022, hopefully, all goes to plan. Stay tuned!


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