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Tissa Rahim Debuts New Single “Lift A Finger”

Tissa Rahim is a singer/songwriter from Vancouver, Canada who weaves together her effortless talent of R&B and Soul genres with a multi-generational affinity for Persian music as she debuts a rousing solo project after years of sharing the stage with her band! Tissa decided to break free and spread her wings. The release of the sultry single of hers “Lift A Finger” is a playlist adder for sure. The soulful vibe reminds me of an aesthetic singers like Sabrina Claudio, and Sinead Harnett would produce. I’m personally a fan of music like this. She elevates you into a different atmosphere and fabricates a sense of belonging within the song.

Tissa's vocals are a soothing R&B temperamental soul and is delicately projected with warmth. Her voice is like silk. It’s absolutely relaxing and she knows the exact type of music that complements her sound well. Artists must know what type of music fits their vocal style and categorize themselves accordingly. Tissa knows her brand, her artistry, and has her own individual image that can carry her extremely far if she continues to produce iconic vibe songs like “Lift A Finger”. I would definitely lay down and listen to this single in my earbuds before bed when I just want to catch a vibe. I’m sure this song will translate well across many different listeners as well!

Listen to “Lift A Finger” here and get to know Tissa Rahim in out interview below!

Hi Tissa, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a singer/songwriter/producer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. My music falls into the R&B and soul genres with some indie and hip-hop influences, combined with a multi-generational affinity for Persian music. I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria to a family full of Persian musicians and grew up very musically inclined. Most of my songs can be categorized as either sad or sassy, or somewhere along the spectrum of the two.

How has it been performing with the band? Any memorable moments?

I was with the band from 2008-2012, and started up my solo career in 2016. With this band we were able to record an album and join a 40-city North American tour supporting the band 100 Monkeys, who's member, Jackson Rathbone (of Twilight Fame) also produced our album. During that time we got to perform at some iconic venues, including the House of Blues in New Orleans and the Gramercy Theatre in New York. Because of my work with this band I was also named one of 24 Magazine’s “Top 24 under 24".

Do you have any challenges you’re worried about facing as an independent artist, separate from a band!?

The main challenge as an independent artist is that you can't separate roles and responsibilities as you could for a band; you are in charge of every aspect of your artistry. This can also be seen as beneficial as you get to execute your vision for who you want to be as an artist. Of course you can eventually hire various people such as managers and publicists, but laying down the groundwork, I believe, is usually done by the artist themselves.

What’s your artist meaning behind “Lift A Finger” ?

Lift A Finger is about a woman realizing that she deserves more than what she has been given. Through valuing herself and gaining self-confidence, she is no longer afraid to demand what she wants. This theme is applied both at the intimate partner level and a societal level. The song embodies self-liberation and coming for what is owed to her.

Do you have any musical influences? If so who and why!?

I have many musical influences drawing from different genres including r&b, soul (both modern and Motown), hip-hop and indie music, I would say my main influences both for vocal performance and musical style are Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Jorja Smith and Etta James.

You have some upcoming performances and single releases! Which are you most excited for?

2019 is gonna be a year filled with new original music. On January 21st I have my single, Lift a Finger, coming out, produced by Unkle Ricky and Gabe. Sx. I am also recording a music video for this single to be released a few months after the single release which I am excited about. I have finished production on four additional songs, including collaborations with Mexican artists Jam Martinezmx and Cxsinensis, Ontario producer Okee.Brand and Vancouver's own Francis Arevalo and Braden Rangno, and have started working on a four-song EP to be released later this year. I am quite excited about all of my upcoming performances which you can find on my social media page and website; one particular venue I have always wanted to perform at in Vancouver is the quintessential Fortune Sound Club; I will be performing there March 4th. 


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