Tmcxj Showcases His Talented Skill Set in His Debut Album, 'Vybz'

The Compton based Hip-Hop artist Tmcxj has recently sprung his unique art style to the world with his debut album 'Vybz.' Since training in his singing skills at a young age in Long Island, Tmcxj is an artist with a wide diversity of skill sets that allows him to adapt to any musical situation and come out showing who is boss. This was shown in his recent release, "Eastside." The music was able to transform between each section to new musical ideas while Tmcxj held the backbone of the whole tune through the use of his unique voice.

Being able to record the whole 'Vybz' album in a single recording session showcases how prepared Tmcxj was for that very moment. And then when collaborating with other artists Tmcxj shows how every person's own unique flair can bring a unique spice to the music that would otherwise be missed. To keep us on the hype train, Tmcxj has already begun writing a part 2 to the album and we cannot be any more excited to hear it once it's done. #BUZZMUSIC