Tmcxj Shows Us Why Loyalty Is Important in New Single, “Eastside”

Straight out of Compton, rising Hip Hop and R&B artist Tmcxj has just released his first album “VYBZ.”

Tmcjx developed his rapping and singing skills on the East Side of Long Island while he wrote music for other artists. Tmcxj is now taking advantage of his many talents and creating music for himself.

Throughout the album, he has collaborated with multiple artists to produce his desired sounds. Working with artists Glena and Chris Catlin, Tmcxj’s song “Eastside” is an R&B style track filled to the brim with chill vibes.

“Eastside” opens with a feeling of romanticized relaxation thanks to the elegance of a piano melody. Vocalists introduce themselves with their unique ad-libs before the trap beat joins the party. After a few verses, the 808 beats are replaced with faded percussion, almost sounding like it’s underwater. 

Tmcxj raps at an energy level that matches the song – he fades in and out of a chill rap and melodic vocals. Lyrically, Tmcxj mentions the importance of self-love and loyalty among friends. He sings about how his independent dedication got him to where he is today and also mentions that the people in his life are the ones who have supported him through it.

For R&B lovers who are looking for both relaxation and something to connect to, Tmcxj has brought them “Eastside.”

Listen to "Eastside" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tmcxj! We were transported straight to our feels and thoroughly enjoyed the good vibes that came with “Eastside.” Could you describe the message behind your lyrics for “Eastside?”

The lyrics that inspired Eastside were my experience on the Eastside of Long Beach because that’s where I developed my craft so it has a special place in my heart.

Can you describe your collaboration process with Glena and Chris Catlin in the production of “Eastside?” How did each artist contribute their talents to create this song?

Chris and Glena are dope friends of mine, we recorded the entire album in one night at RBI studios in Hollywood, Chris heard my lyrics and was like let me throw some Adlibs in there, Glena’s voice is a vibe so I told her to add some background vocals to it, s/o jabarionthebeat x vitals x seto who produced this & Scotty bay who mixed this! 

Can you tell us how “Eastside” compares to the other songs on your album?

Every song on my EP is a different type of vibe, Eastside is trap-influenced & I started making these type of songs on the East, it was only right to make one that sounded like my city.

What does your stage name Tmcxj stand for and represent?

Tmcxj or TMC for short is all my initials put together.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

2020 had kept me inspired, even though it’s been a wild year I’ve accomplished a lot in the first six months with this EP, I can’t wait to get back in the studio soon and finish part 2!