Tn Noelle Releases a Beacon of Hope With, "Worship"

Based in Inglewood, CA., the inspirational and motivational Singer/Songwriter Tn Noelle blesses us with her sincere single, "Worship."

Known for creating music that delivers truth and transparency, Tn Noelle's talent speaks for itself while she naturally draws listeners in with her broad vocal range and relatable lyricism. 

Her latest single "Worship" features Tn Noelle giving the listener a steady groove with flawless rhythm while she preaches the power above. The track's production value is exceptionally high quality, with a groovy beat and cultural instrumentals Tn Noelle gives us the soundtrack to freedom and inner-wisdom with each lyric she gracefully sings. 

Opening with Tn Noelle giving thanks to God for showing her the light, "Worship" takes an intoxicating turn within seconds. As the entire beat and instrumental sets in, there's an incredible balance between the background and foreground. 

Tn Noelle's layered backing vocals give the track a power boost to emphasize her positive message. With some parts of the track, we can't help but compare Tn Noelle's flow to Missy Elliot's bouncy rhythm and confident tone. She mesmerizes the listener with her wide vocal range and her optimistic message of feeling guided and protected by God himself. 

We're heavily loving the powerful groove that Tn Noelle delivered with "Worship," not to mention her sincere and thoughtful lyricism that inspires the listener to keep pushing forward.

We'd love to know what your creative process was like when creating "Worship." How did you come up with these intoxicating melodies, and what sort of atmosphere were you aiming for within the song's production?

First, I want to let you know how grateful I am that you wanted to interview me. Thank you. I’m honored that you have an interest in what God is doing with me and the music that’s dropping. I won’t hold you, so I will get straight to it. 

My creative process may possibly be similar to most artists. I stay in consistent prayer for God to be glorified in everything I do and to be used as a tool. And I’m not just talking about that traditional church response of God being glorified, I truly mean that. I need and have to be invisible to God’s glory. With “Worship”, I heard the track while working on another song titled “Freedom”, which I stopped working on, and the melodies came by freestyle singing. Which is something I tend to do when I just want to get intimate with God using my voice. I keep the recorder on to catch anything I may want to use in the song or use my muscle memory to remember the melody. I tend to prefer to be alone and even my best friend, who is my husband, is not around. Partially because I am insecure, use to being alone, not a rapper, and also because I work great when it’s just me and God. No but for real, I’m not a rapper. I’m creative but definitely NOT a rapper. I leave that to folks like Gil Gatsby and Young C. Shout to the folks. With this song, I wanted to convey God’s truth and my individual truth with no fear of what people might say, how those who were used to tell the story would feel, because I wasn’t coming from a negative place, but rather be confident that God would speak to His target audience.  My songs are basically my true stories; not scenarios.

Your lyrical content within "Worship" is incredibly endearing and optimistic. How do you write such inspirational lyrics that give listeners peace of mind and a bounty of hope?

I truly believe I didn’t write “Worship” or any of the songs. I’m not that talented. God truly did the work. Real talk. I went through those things that are in the lyrics. I know it’s not the traditional way to tell the stories but I started singing and that’s what ended up on my iPhone recorder app. I’m never afraid of the content that ends up on the track because it is truth, I know that it will really help people,  and even though I may be disliked or shunned by some for some content because it is outside of the box as it relates to traditional lyrics, I know that if I just do what I am called to do and how I’m called to do it, I going to be just fine. Be honest or be quiet. 

We've heard that you have another single out titled "Love Letter." How do the two singles relate or differ from each other, do they both have similar concepts and messages?

“Love Letter”, which dropped 8/5/20, and “Worship” relate because each of them is true. I use the same process with both but I wrote “Love Letter” before “Worship”, it took me about 3-4 hours to complete the writing, it’s more of a ballad and it truly is one of the songs on “Him In Me (H.I.M)” that hits me. I’m speaking on behalf of me and others based on what the church and the world teach about being a Christian; which I don’t particularly agree with. “Love Letter” is more of a confessional or repentance type of song and “Worship” could be considered the honor I’m giving to God after the confession and repentance. I hope that makes sense. It’s a bit difficult to truly explain because I’m not actually speaking. :)

With your debut album "H.I.M." set to release later this year, are you still writing songs for the project or tweaking the current songs to fit the album's concept?

“Him In Me (H.I.M)” is the debut EP set to release mid to late September, hopefully on my 14th year anniversary. (Excited) and will include a total of 8 songs, which include “Love Letter” and “Worship”. The writing has been complete since about March of this year. Maybe even before. I don’t really remember but initially, although I constantly write, I wasn’t too comfortable putting anything out formally. I had to work through that. But I have one more song to re-record. I recorded and just wasn’t feeling it so I stopped because I didn’t that energy to come through on the track. It’s not fair to those who support and take the time out to listen. My voice can sometimes be like my face…unwilling and unsaved (Laugh). I just wasn’t in the right mood at the start of the session for some reason. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

In October 2019, God made it very clear that if I was saying “Yes” to Him in this season, I was going to have to be okay with being in the forefront, I would no longer be able to hide or try to be invisible and be okay with not being in the background. I knew that meant God was using me for a purpose which always means attacks and challenges will come. So although there has been a lot on my plate before and since then, having to constantly see or hear about another black person being beaten, killed, treated unjustly, which weighs so heavy on me that it hurts and makes me angry, along with how COVID has affected families, finances and so many other things, I have been able to stay inspired in 2020 by really pursuing what God has for me because I know it will bless people. God-given joy can’t be taken away but we can surely give it away and I choose not to give it to no circumstance, Fam. It’s mine if I want it and I need it. So 2020 may get even tougher but God has shown me that He is even tougher, He’s been riding hard for me and the guy (my husband). I’m surely not asking for horrible things, attacks, or challenges to happen and Lord, please hear me when I say it, but I know if they come, God got me.