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Tndo G Portrays Energy Through Hard Hitting Lyrics in, "Backdoor"

Tndo G Chicago rapper ensures that he brings the energy and talent with his most recent single, “Backdoor.” Enlisting the talents of Memphis producer extraordinaire Sleepy, there is a poetic essence to the instrumentation as the melodic canvas brings you to a cognizant state of mind.

Through a vocal delivery that instills urgency in the overall soundscape emanated, we hear Tndo G exude a vulnerable display of lyrics that come from reflections through a place of hurt after losing his brother. Honing in on the infectious instrumentation that immerses your speakers in driving bass components, the soothing samples compliment the well-rounded production quality in allowing the emphasis to thrive wherever Tndo G steers the concept.

Executing a series of punchy rhyme schemes that glide through slick cadences, the artistic flow that Tndo G embodies allows us to learn more about the survival instincts he carries as an individual. Through verses that leave us with thought-provoking tendencies, we feel intrigued by the way that Tndo G allows himself to open up in such a way that has him connecting to his audience on an emotional level.

Reminding those to take back their power and stand up for what’s right, “Backdoor,” paints a theatrical realm that has us compelled by Tndo G’s back story.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tndo G! Congratulations on the release of “Backdoor.” With such vulnerable subject matter displayed, do you find that it is a smoother writing process when you’re so in tune with your emotions?

I believe it is a smoother writing processing being in tune with your emotions and that correspond with going in the studio having energy, using that emotion.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the recording process looked like when bringing this piece to life? Are there any memorable moments that have helped shape you as an artist?

Well the day before recording this song a long time friend called me and gave me the details of my friend’s passing from months earlier, so while in the studio with SleepyDaproducer the next day I was a bit angry and upset and just translated that into what I wrote the night before. A memorable moment that helped shaped me as a artist was when a song I did a feature on called “milli” with my brother neroo #4 got a lot of attention , the song has over 7,000 streams and was being played in like 4 different states , that was big for me and made me realize like ok people hear us , see us moving , making me wanting to go harder because I literally finish the verse in the booth and was disappointed in it at first but it was one of the hottest songs in our Ep thanks to neroo.

How do you hope that “Backdoor” impacts your audience?

My only hope for backdoor is to impact the thought of “backdooring” sombody like karma a B**** and I want to emphasize the story of 22 so his name will forever live on.

What type of growth have you found in yourself from creating “Backdoor” to now that it’s released?

I’ve seen a lot of growth in my self , while this song was created late last year 2020, I actually got arrested which pushed back the release date and gave me a lot of time to contemplate my life and decisions I want to make for my self and others around me.

What's next for you?

2021 hasn’t been to loud for me literally, I’m 9 months clean and I feel like I do my best writing while High so I just been focusing on releasing material I already have recorded , I have yet to drop a debut album but it’s in the process, “10DAWG” is on the way , I also got a tape coming out featuring Neroo#4 called “splash brothers."



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